July 18, 2015

....welcome 30s!

It's a very hot day here in Padua.
I woke up this morning and I am 30.
Yeah, 30.
Eveything is like yesterday when I was 29, of course. But, hey, now I'm 30.
I found a lot of sweet happy-birthday-wishes around the house.
Our plants wish me happy birthday, our cups, our sugar, our tv, my smartphone, my pc, our mirror...everything.
This is the first birthday that Mr and celebrate under the same roof.
Well, it started in the best way ever!!!

I'm quite happy of what I am.
Sometimes I could be more patient, more tolerant, more a-lot-of-things...but I'm working on it.
I live with the man of my life, I have a great family and good friends.
I have some great colleagues and a work.
I'm fine.
I can swim when outside is hot.
I run when I want to put out negativities and because it makes me feel exhausted but so so fine.
I cook everyday I try something new.
I read and I leave my reality and I fly to another one.
I take photos, and that's the best thing in the world, to me.

Well, welcome 30s!
Photo taken in Crete last summer by my Mr

July 11, 2015

My first shoot

Last Saturday I had my first shooting!!!
Let's start from the beginning....
I have a cousin, that is studing fashion and design in Bologna, and one exam she had to do, was create 4 items of clothing, and taking photos of them. And she wanted me as photographer!
I'm very proud of her! She did a very great job with the clothes she has created! (here's her website: http://checcacip.wix.com/effe-ci#!about-me/cfvg )
The setting had to be sad and dark.
Here's the photos:


The girl in the middle is my cousin! the stylist! :)