June 30, 2014

Pack your bags....MALTA!

Sooooo, this is a post about an island I visited 4 years ago with my Mr....MALTA!!!
I remember its wonderful waters, but we stayed there just 2 days, we didn't see a loooot of things!
If you don't know what you can visit....so Malta is a good one!

June 27, 2014

If I can give just an advice....

Photo took by me while I was running

.... I would suggest you to go running.
Great advice, thank you! You probably said.
But it really is.
When I run, I feel fine.
At first I think "why am I here?!?why??"
But after 5 minutes, I feel so good and there is no place where I would love to be.
While I run, I start thinking about the day, about my problems, about what doesn't work in my life.
And, guess what?
EVERYTIME I stop running, I have no problems, I have solutions, or something like that, and everything works in my life: I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and a wonderful boyfriend.
Really I couldn't deserve more.
Plus, I like the sensation of feeling exhausted.
I like the noise of my shoes on the ground.
I like running, being surronded by trees and flowers....and the wind? feeling the wind all over my skin is something I cannot explain.
I like starting my run with this song....and, can you keep a secret? I imagine me running into a very huge stadium, with all the people that claps their hands for me... :)
This is the power that running has on me.
So, where's your running shoes?

June 24, 2014

Around Padua....Villa Contarini, Piazzola sul Brenta

Mr and I are really exploring the city we're living!
I think it's wonderful living in a place full of history, and, luckly, Mr thinks the same....
We visited "Villa Contarini" in Piazzola sul Brenta, in Padua.
Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos of the inside of the villa...but there were a huge park.....

And we met this family....aren't them cute?!?!

June 19, 2014

I really love (June 2014)

1 - Evening walks and talks with my Mr, good for digestion and good for spirit
2 - Watching World Cup with my Mr
3 - House hunting, well, it's funny!
4 - Organizing a dinner with our cousins
5 - My friend's wedding is coming!!!
6 - Taking photos, this is an evergreen!!
7 - Cooking, baking!!! So relaxing!
8 - Wearing wedge heels
9 - E-mails with blog-friend
10 - Dreaming about summer holidays
11 - All your comments on my last post!!!

June 16, 2014



Well, when I look at this blog, the lovely Sarah writes about Greece, yesterday Mr and I watched the movie "Mama mia!", this morning I listened at radio "Dancing Queen"..... well, it seems everything talks about Greece to me! (I know Abba aren't Greek...)

So, I remembered September 2008 when Mr and I went to our first holiday together in Santorini...
Here's a few photo I took in that days....