April 28, 2013

Tutti dormono

Due giorni fa ho detto addio a mio nonno.
Ieri una cara amica si è sposata.
E oggi parto per un micro viaggio con il mio Mr.
Sono seduta al pc mentre tutti in casa dormono, e sono qui con i miei pensieri. Tanti, forse un po' troppi, chi lo sa?
Ho voglia e bisogno che succedano cose felici, allegre e gioiose.
Sono stanca di aspettare che le cose succedano, perchè diciamoci la verità, tu puoi anche darti da fare fino all'inverosimile, ma se non è il tuo momento, la botta di culo non arriva.
E allora temporeggi.
E trovi uno tra i milioni di blog che ci sono nell'etere in cui leggi questa frase:
"Quando sono troppi i pensieri, bisogna ignorarli. Che si tratti del passato o del futuro, tu ignorali! Concentrati sul presente e fai qualcosa che ti faccia stare meglio qui e ora"

Quindi vado a finire di fare le valigie, un viaggio mi aspetta.
Grazie donnaconfuso
Non mi ricordo dove ho preso questa immagine.....:(

April 26, 2013

Fine di un'era

"Vuoi sapere come l'ho conosciuto?"

"Beh, la guerra era appena finita, ed io ero al mercato a vendere i pomodori, quando passa davanti al mio banco una ragazzo bellissimo. Che mi guarda. Ma era impossibile che stesse guardando me, perchè io ero brutta.

La settimana successiva, sono sempre a vendere pomodori nel mio banco, e mi passa davanti ancora questo ragazzo bellissimo. Che mi guarda di nuovo. Impossibile stia guardando me.
Dopo pochi minuti, ripassa davanti al banco con due bellissime ragazze, una a destra, e una sinistra.
Ecco, vedi, lo sapevo che non poteva guardare me, guarda con che belle ragazze va in giro. Sarà il solito farfallone, penso.

(Lui ridendo: erano le mie sorelle!!!l'avevo fatto per farla ingelosire!e ci sono riuscito!)

La settimana successiva io sono sempre lì con il mio banco, e lui passa davanti. Mi guarda. Si avvicina. E mi chiede se quando ho finito mi può accompagnare a casa.
La strada è lunga, gli dico. E allora la faremo assieme, mi risponde."

E non si sono più lasciati.

I "protagonisti" della storia sono i miei nonni.
Loro, si sono sposati, hanno avuto quattro figlie, quattro generi e sette nipoti.
Ci sono sempre sempre stati, e per noi sarà difficile continuare senza di loro.
E' bello però sapere, che da oggi continueranno il loro viaggio insieme.

April 22, 2013

Earth day

Happy Earth day to you all!!!!!
Today I'm happy because no monsters, no ghosts, came to say hello to me last night.
I just dreamt about mosquitos, but when I woke up I saw a mosquito in the wall next to my bed, and I understood why I dreamt about them for the whole night...
By the way, after my legendary night (home alone for the whole night...for me is legendary!!), today had been a quite day, in the afternoon I tested orally my sister because she's going to have a huge examination, and then I walked and I saw the wonderful flower of the photo...and I thought that I really have to take some seroius photos (with my supercamera, on a superday with my superboyfriend) because nature is giving us an amazing show.
And I want to find and keep it alive.
Happy Tuesday to you all!!!

April 21, 2013

Home alone

This weekend was awesome.
Mr and I lived together for two days.
I saw how my life with Mr will be.
Do I have to  sign somewhere to make this happened soon...now?!?
Seriously. I think I can marry this man, tonight.
We had a German dinner (we cooked and ate wurstel that become hotdog, and potatoes), and a vegetarian lunch (zucchini, aubergine and patties of potatoes), we watched a lot of episodes of "How I met your mother", we made gardening,....we made a lot of things, as a couple.
And tonight, I'm home alone.
Because, Mr came back to his home, my mum is away.
This is the first time that I'm home alone for the whole night.
Yes, I'm scared, and I hope no monster will come out from my wardrobe.

UPDATE:  I slept peacefully, like a baby girl! ;)
Have a nice Monday!

April 17, 2013

Do you know that looking for a job (that doesn't come) is really exhausting?

That's why, sometimes I need to take some time with my Mr and little Didi...here we are along river Brenta, during a spring-like Sunday afternoon...

He always takes care of her....

First ice-cream of 2013!!!!!!yahoooo!!!!
And Monday always arrives too early!!

April 15, 2013

You're come back, eh?

Today I ran for the first time of this 2013.
My legs are suffering. But I'm very very happy.
I turned on my mp3, and I started run with this song.
I feel so fine, and of course, I ran for a little, but it was all that I needed!
The watchman of the park, when saw me, said: "You're come back,eh?" And he smiled at me.
That man made me very very happy.

But....can we talk about the photo I took during this weekend?
How I love those two!!!!

April 11, 2013

I've been away for a while

I just want to say hello to you....and telling (randomly) that in these days:
- on Friday night Mr helped two snails to cross the street (he has a very pretty soul!)
- today I took a walk in "my" park, and.....ooh!!!temeprature is going to rise, the sun is still hiding behind the clouds, but I'm sure it will arrive to shine!!!Then, a man was mowing and the air smelt good of cut grass...and this smell to me, means spring/summer!!!I LOVE IT!!!!
- I had a bachelorette party in Venice (I'm going to upload the photos, I promise!)
- Mr and I booked a little holiday together
- I spent a lot of time with Mr watching at "How I met your mother"....we are in love with this television series!!!
- My ficus is growing up (more photos to come)
- My Grandpa is getting better :)
- I started to use a lipstick (a very natural colour, the next one will be a little more aggressive)
- I'm dreaming about the day when I'll start to run again!!!
Picture took when we were in London (today I wore the same clothes...., spring?can you come?)

April 4, 2013


Yesterday Mr and I went to an estate agents, because we wanted to see a house because we want to go to live together.
We talked with a very nice lady, and we got an appointment for the next week, when we will see 2 houses.
But then, very probably, everything will stop, and we will not go to live together (in a few months).
Because I don't have a work. A stupid work. Sorry, I got it, but I don't have a salary...so...it's not so easy living with just one salary.
So, we have to wait.
It had been wonderful calling the estate agents. When Wednesday I put down the phone I felt that I was growing, and it was amazing.
When yesterday I went out the estate agents, I felt very young. Not for my relationship with my adorable Mr, but for me, and for how difficult and strange is this moment of my life. And let me tell you...it's not easy being and staying positive when a lot of things are going on a bad direction...but then I think that everything between Mr and me is legendary, and I couldn't desire more from him, and from us.
So I "just" have to wait. I'll be patient. They say patience is a virtue.
Now, I just have a purpose: I have to look for, or "create" a new work!
So, finger crossed for me!
Thank you for reading and (sometimes) leaving a comment!

I don't like writing posts without photos, this was cool!

April 1, 2013

Around these parts....happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter (yesterday) to you!!!!
Nothing really special happened on Easter day...we ate a lot of supergood food, we met and had good conversation with our relatives (we have a lot of relatives), and I met a supercute kitten (to meet her, you can go here)!

Today we met our friends for a big lunch, and then Mr and I took some photos...in the morning the sun was with us, but in the afternoon it was hidden by the clouds!
Anyway...we took some photos...here they are!

Ehm....as you probably may have notice, I've discovered the use of picasa....BUT, I think that while nature is perfect as it is, Mr and I could tolerate to be modify by this amazing program!!!
I'm in love with this photo, how he look at me
My super outfit!hahahaha

I hope you had a good Easter!
I wish you a wonderful Tuesday!