April 25, 2012


Tomorrow will be the day.
Yes, tomorrow I'm going to discuss my thesis, and then I'll  be graduated.
Yesterday evening I saw Hachi not for the first time. I watched it until Richard Gere went to his University for his last time, then I changed. I always stop to see "Marley and me" when they moved to another house, when Marley gets old. In this way Marley and Hachi still live. And I can be happy.
 Anyway, while I was looking at the movie they said numer 8 is a lucky number..... so I tought: 26= 2+6=8 ..... wow.....
So finger crossed for me for tomorrow!!!
Nervous? YES
Agitated? YES
HAPPY? YES but, please ask this to me on April 27th!

April 24, 2012

Stop raining!!!

I'm tired of all this rain. I SOMETIMES like it, but it's April 24th and I'm still wearing wool cardigans and the coat!!!!
Anyway, everything is almost ready for my discussion. I feel fine, sometimes I'm a little bit nervous, but when I think, "no more study, free weekend", you know...

April 23, 2012

Last weekend as a student

This has been my last weekend as a student.
It sounds so good.
After lunch I took a break from my studies ....

April 22, 2012

.. and all that I can see.....

Have a nice Sunday!!!
Yesterday I took care of my little lemon!!!And for the whole time I sang this

April 20, 2012

Some flowers from our trips!!!

San Marino

April 19, 2012

Bach Flower

My sweet and handsome Professor has changed for the THIRD time the hour of my discussion.
This isn't a tragedy, but after my discussion I'm going to have a party ( we used to do this! ), so I have to say to 50 people that the hour is changed. Three times!!!
So two days ago I went to my herbalist, and she gave my Bach flowers, when I feel anxious, nervous, I take some drops of this flowers and something starts to go on the right way.
I don't drink alcoholic, because I don't like the taste.....these Bach flowers are made with brandy!!!!!!I think I get drunk, that's how they relax me..... hahahahaha!!!!

April 18, 2012

Today ...

.... today I wanna be here.
Without my mobile, my pc, just me and nature. Ok, even my boyfriend is allowed.

April 17, 2012


In these days I'm making some slides with power point for my discussion.
I'm not really realizing that I'm going to finish my studies.
A lot of people says me that "it's better studing that working", but I don't think this. Statistical it's not easy for me, to arrive to my graduation I had to study a lot, but I'm happy. Oh yes, I'm really happy. Now I DON'T KNOW WHAT I COULD DO. But it doesn't matter, I'm not afraid of working, of learning a job.
I think I'm ready for my future.
Before writing this post, I read this post, that's why I'm a bit reflexive.

April 16, 2012

This weekend I found my happiness recipe (if you have an ill boyfriend and the rain is pouring outside....)

You will need:
1. a rainy day
2. your boyfriend that doesn't feel good
3. a blanket (because outside it's winter, even if we are in spring)
4. some dvd
5. a sofa (ok, we don't have the one in the picture above, but I can dream .... )
6. mix all....
...... you will have a wondeful time, and you will miss your weekend during the week!!!

April 14, 2012

Robert Doisneau

Today Google reminds me that is Robert Doisneau birth's 100th anniversary, such a wonderful photo!!!!!
Have a nice Saturday!!!
(I try to make some photo of my hair, but nothing, I need my boyfriend's help!!!)

April 13, 2012


Today it's hairdresser day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be home a bit more blonde...

April 12, 2012

Thinghs I love (April 2012)

Things I love of this month:
1) Last month of University and of study (a dream came true) for me and for my boyfriend
2) Looking for a dress, a pair of shoes, a belt, ....., for April 26th when I'm going to discuss the thesis, happy happy happy!!!
3) Autumn is here again....it rains and it's cold!!!! (I don't like it, but I must be positive.....infact I use my rainy boots!!!!they don't hurt me anymore... : ) )
4) Plants are blooming!!!!
5) All the time I spend with my friends looking for a job from Universitary pc.... : )
6) I'm happy to see my friends again!!!ALL MY FRIENDS!!!!
7) Boyfriend and I decided to prove new restaurants
8) Natalie Portman for Miss Dior Chérie
9) Booking an apartament in Paris for my best friend wedding!!
10) Dogs, little dogs!!!

April 11, 2012

Good news

Yesterday has been one of the most wonderful day in my life.
My boyfriend passed the exam, so he will graduate with me the same day.
When he called me, my heart went boooom!!!I was so so so so so so happy, and of course, I cried .
Now I can be happy, sorry, totally happy for me and for him, and we're going to have a great time together.
Sorry but today I'm happy. I share with you all my dark days, and I must share with you even the good ones.

Yesterday I saw an old woman who held a dandelion. She was very very happy for her flower. As I saw her, I started smiling, and imagining about her life, who knows what it means for her that dandelion ....


April 10, 2012

I'm back!!!

Goooood morning!!!!
I took a break from my pc, because I need it!!!
But I'm back!!!
I feel fine now, and I had a wonderful Easter weekend, Easter with parents and Monday, we call it "Pasquetta", with our Universitary friends, in Verona!!!

April 6, 2012

First day of doing nothing

Yesterday I went to my University to bring my boyfriend's documents for his graduation.
The weather was cloudy, so I put on my fantastic rain-boots, and I walked to my University.
Halfway I had a blister in both my feet.
I was about to cry, but I remember I usually travel with some Band-Aid, so I put them on, and it was a little better. A little.
But a lot of girls look at me and at my boots. All the fashion advice I'm learning from fashion blog are going to bear fruit.
Today I don't know which shoes I can put on!!!

April 5, 2012

April 5th

And this day, has finally come.
Yesterday I gave all the documents.
Yes, on April 26th or 27th I'm going to discuss my thesis.
I can start relaxing, I can do everything, that means nothing.
Today I start to look for a work. And this time I can say, "Yes, I can start tomorrow!!".
Crossed finger for me, I have a place where I really would like to work!!!
I have to say a huge thank you to my friend Annina, in these days she listened to me, we shared our university problems, and she always helped me and she trusted in me.
So really, really thank you!!!!

April 4, 2012

Sun behind the cloud

Yesterday I was going to write my post, and my Professor send me an e-mail where he said: "We have to change some things in your thesis".
Perfect, I worked on it until 11 pm. Then I send it to him.
Now it seems good, not perfect, but good. And good to me is much more than perfect.
Yesterday when I was coming home from University, it rained. Of course I was with my bicycle, but it has been so wonderful cycling under the rain. This has been a very sunny winter, and I would like to see some rain, even if it makes me sad. But not in these days. I can always see the sun behind the cloud. In these days.

Yes, if you see a crazy girl dancing under the rain, that one could be me.

April 2, 2012

I really love reading

Last year I saw a movie, the Jane Austen Book Club.

I really really liked this movie, and since that time I started reading all Jane Austen's books.
I discovered a fantastic English world, with gentlemen, shy girls, and reading this before sleeping is like watching a movie!!!
Now I'm reading "Mansfield Park" , I started it two weeks ago, I think I'm going to read more the next days because my thesis is almost finished...

April 1, 2012

Good morning April!!

Good morning April!!!!!!
You are going to be one of the most important month of my life. I will probably remember you for the rest of my life, so be good with me.
Yesterday evening I had a dinner with my boyfriend, my sister and her husband. I really need an evening like that.
Now, I study, for the last Sunday of my life.
It sounds really good!