November 29, 2013

Now it's ok

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Happy Friday to all of you!!!
This week has really been full of a lot of things!

An afternoon I was a baby sitter, for a day and a half I was (for the second time!!, you can see the first time here) assistant of my teacher-photographer, and I'm a data-entry for a little job! So I'm busy, and I love this!

I love playing with a little toddler, painting, playing "hairdresser", receiving hugs and kisses, love it!!!

I love being an work in the back stage, and you create the perfect set, with perfect lights, with perfect things....i LOVE it!

I'm a data-entry girl!I think this is a part of my studies....well....I hope!

By the way, I'm happy! And I hope nothing changes!Because, now I'm...fine.

Tomorrow, Mr and I will travel to Rome!!!!
If you want to follow our trip you can find us on instagram at: @beinam
See you next week!
And....happy last weekend of November!!!

November 26, 2013

Thank you, cousin!

Thanks to my cousin and to his wife, this weekend I took photos with a 55-200 lens....and Mr and I discovered a very new world!
We could take photos of everything!
I really had a magical weekend, spending time with my family, using the "new" lens, and of course spending time with my Mr!
In a month Christmas will come!
Here the weather is very cold, but it's sunny, so after lunch I usually put on my jacket and I stroll around the park...I see a lot of people with dogs, with children, guys waiting for their girls, old women that walk very slowly....I have a lot of time on my own for thinking...and let me tell you...that's great!
I now think that positive things can happened, so I'm ready for them!
By the way, here's some photos of our weekend!


Have a very nice Tuedasy!!!

November 23, 2013

Sunny Friday

Happy Saturday!!
Yesterday was a very sunny day! While today it's raining cats and dogs....
In the morning I dressed up and I bought 4 books for 15 €, a very big deal!!
Then in the afternoon I took my camera and until the sun went down I strolled around the park and took photos!
Once home, I really enjoyed a hot cup of tea.
Yesterday was good.

November 21, 2013

You should have this book in your bookcase

Me before you- Jojo Moyes
I'm stuck in this book.
Anna is one of my dearest friends, and for our birthday we give each other a book.
So for my birthday I received the one you see above.
I don't want to tell the story of the book, you can find it waving in internet (I'm not good at summarizing...)

I just want to tell you...
that I've loved the main characters, Lou and Will.
that I cannot stop thinking of them, and of their story, and of the bee
that I cried a lot of tears, while I was reading the book and even when I think of it
that as I always usually sometimes do, while I read the books, I identify with the main characters, and if my character loves my mind this guy is my Mr...that's probably why I always love the most part of the books that I read....
that I always take for granted everything I have, my Mr, and since now I'm going to try to use better my time
that Will really is a little like my Mr
that the author answered my twitter to her (love!!! @_@)
So, I heartily recommend this book to you!

November 18, 2013

Over this weekend

my rainy boots, my Dr Martens, my elegant shoes (worn for a job interview)
Happy Monday everybody!
Another weekend is flown away too fast!!! Damn relativity!
By the way...over this weekend...
- I found a nest in my garden!
- Mr and I had a Mexican dinner (for Mr was a very spicy evening!)
- I had my first hot chocolate
- Mr and I met with one of my best friend
- I'm totally fascinated by "Me before you" by Jojo Moyes....I want to read how this story go on, but at the same time, I don't want to finish this book. I'm thinking about Lou and Will....thank you Annina for this wonderful gift!
- I had a stroll  here with my Mr on Saturday night

And now, I'm ready for this new week to come!

November 14, 2013

A week in yellow

Two days ago I thought "Why can't I take a photo of all the things that are yellow?"
And I discover that a lot of things, are yellow here!

Then while I was strolling I saw two weird things:
- a woman was driving her car, and in the passenger seat there was a huge teddy bear. It was even wearing the belt. Funny, isn't it?
- I saw a kid that were throwing away three books. three books. insane 

Have a very nice evening!

November 12, 2013


I saw the list below in two blogs (Eloquent English, and Tania), and today I think was the right time for making my personal list!

^ eating: soups and a lot of vegetables!
^ drinking: caffelatte in the morning watching at Friends. with Mr this weekend mezzo e mezzo di Bassano
^ practising:  being very patient, I probably should start to do yoga
^ mastering: finding new and interesting blogs everyday!! ;)
^ learning: about photography
^ playing: spider
^ finishing: some cross-stitch works
^ reading: Me Before you by Jojo Moyes
^ enjoying: time spent with my Mr
^ listening: this and this and this thousands of times (the last one makes my feel like Beatix Kiddo, sometimes I need to feel like her...)
^ walking: for hours finding new places
^ needing: a job!!!
^ wearing: Dr Martens, leggings and a big comfy sweater
^ cooking: cakes for friends
^ wondering: when there will be snow, Christmas time
^ working: on scheduling this blog (would you like to see something more scheduled?)
^ travelling: with my mind, everyday, everywhere (mostly in North Europe)
^ planning: for Rome
^ wanting: to make things happen...
^ loving: morning calls with Mr
^ wishing: that a passion could turn into a real work
^ marvelling: of people and of life. Every single day 
^ smelling: the aromas of rosemary
^ hoping: so many things...where do I have to start?
^ feeling: a bit down, but hopeful

November 7, 2013

La Specola

I seriously think that I have to create my own personal work.
My teacher-photographer is not calling for my help in this last week. This morning I went to an event where firms meet graduated: well, the most part of the firms present at this event, weren't looking for people to hire. So, why were them there?
I'm a bit down, I'm tired of this I took my camera, and I went around the city....

Today I'm gonna show you "La Specola", a building that is very important for my love story with my Mr.
Coming back in 2008, I started date with my Mr in February. We were attending the same University, so we spent our time in classrooms "following" maths classes....of course, University started to look in a very lovely way, to us.
Every evening, Mr took the train to come back home, and I went with him to the station. That priceless time!
Once, he told me:"What about summer holiday?"
Me: "I would like to visit Greece"
Him: "Ok, we will visit Greece"
I went home and I was too happy, HE WAS PLANNING A SUMMER HOLIDAY WITH ME. He was serious about this story.
Then, (I think on a Friday night) I brought my Mr to see "La Specola" that is the astronomical observatory for the University of Padua.
Stars have always fascinated me, they are far, they are millions, and they are always there.
Nothing special happened that time, Mr enjoyed the building, and we came back home.
About a year later....

I love Vespa!

to be continued....

PS: Talking with you is a great thing, I really feel better!Thank you!

November 5, 2013

I wanna be like Mrs. Elner Shimfissle

I'm reading a wonderful book, Can't wait to get to Heaven, by Fannie Flagg, where the main character is Elner, an old lady that dies in the first pages of this book.
The point is, that I really would become like her. She's thankful for EVERYTHING. Onions, insects, cakes, dawns, sunsets, stars....everything.
I always read before falling asleep (on my bed, not on sofa!), and this book is so wonderful...and I really think I'm a very stupid girl, because I have soooooo many things, and I focus on things that I don't have!
So I started to make a list of all the things I'm's quite endless....