January 27, 2015

PROJECT 52: 4/52 Poupette at a party

For Christmas I present a necklace to my sister.
This necklace, is long and, as a pendant, there's a little lady with a black and white dress.
My sister named her "Poupette". And now Poupette is having a very busy life.
On Saturday night she had a party, and she celebrated my uncle's 60th birthday.

Yep! it's a little bit blurred! But she had just a little time for me....
ISO 1600, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/125 sec, Nikon , Nikon, Lens 50mm, Poupette at a party

January 25, 2015

Discovering Veneto: Possagno (Tempio Canoviano)

Mr and I always wanted to visit Possagno, I had to try my new lens (Nikon 50mm, f1.8, wonderful!!!) and so and last Sunday, it seemed the perfect afternoon for our little trip.
Plus, I found a very nice post about this city, in Silvia's amazing blog, i diari della lambretta.
So, we took the car and we drove to this tiny city...
This city is known because Antonio Canova, the best sculptor of the neoclassicism, built Tempio Canoviano, and because a lot of the plastic works that he did when he was alive are now collected in his house.
At first we visited Tempio Canoviano that is a church (a very wonderful church), and then we visited his house with a guide (best thing ever!!!).

Here's some photos of Tempio Canoviano:

A portrait of Antonio Canova inside the Tempio Canoviano

We decided that it was good visiting the dome...

Useful informations:
Visit to Tempio Canoviano: Free
Visit to the dome: 1.5 €
Timetable: read here

January 20, 2015

I really love ... (January 2015)

1. project 52: if I have to do something I do it. If I should do something....well, probably I don't do it, because I do something else, having this project is perfect: I know I have to do this, and I wanna do this, so I find te time and the place! ;)
2. my new lens (50mm f1.8 lens)....wow!!!!it's wonderful
3. last weekend when Mr and I spent two wonderful days together, and we visit Possagno (a post about it is about to come!)
4. pinterest, and all the photos about kitchens I found! :)
5. my evening walking before dinner
6. these blogs: vintageblackboard, diaridellalambretta, helenogbourn
7. my new flickr page
8. feeling very very good in my bed under two blankets, because...it's cold outside!
9. my blooming hyacinth
10. two new dresses I bought with sales!!

...what about you? what is making your January a very good month?

January 18, 2015

PROJECT 52: 3/52 A little lantern and a little roof

And so, here we are with the third photo of the year!!So, is tomorrow the 4th week of the year, already?
Wow, wonderful how time flies...

Anyway, today Mr and I visited Possagno, and I spent a wonderful day. And here I took my 4th photo:

ISO 200, 50mm, f/5, 1/50, Nikon , Nikon, Lens 50mm, A little lantern and a little roof

January 14, 2015

Mantua - Palazzo Te

As I told  you, more or less a week ago, my Mr and I visited Mantua.
The only museum that was open on Monday was Palazzo Te. I think I can find some inspiration for the ceiling of our future house.... :D

Mantegna's house

San Sebastiano Church

To be honest, I dream a garden like this.... ;)

As you can see, I feel comfortable in huge spaces.... :)

And so, we came back home....with a wonderful sunset!

If I can give you an advice, visit Mantua! it's wonderful!
But remember, not on Mondays! ;)
Have a wonderful week!

January 11, 2015

PROJECT 52: 2/52 Mailbox

ISO 1600, 46mm, f/5,3, 1/640, Nikon, Lens 18-55mm, Mailbox
I love receiving mail, "real" mail: postcards, letters, my magazine....so, I look at the other mailboxes, and I like them... :) This mailbox was in an old house, it is inhabited, and I thought it was interesting because of its colour and it reminds me a tiny house....
I wish you a very good week!

January 8, 2015

Mantua (part 1)

As you probably saw on Instagram, Mr and I want to do more travels this year. And this is why we started our year visiting a new city.
On Monday we drove to Mantua, a wonderful city of Northen Italy. We are really lucky, because we can visit a lot of (amazing) places without driving too much.
So, when we have to see some new city, I feel like a child. I format the SD card of my camera, I load the battery, and I'm ready to go. :)
Life isn't made of simple things?

Just a few things, if you wanna visit Mantova: don't visit it on Mondays because ALMOST EVERYTHING is closed, for everything I mean museum, Mantegna's house, ... the only place we visit was Palazzo Te and Palazzo San Sebastiano.
Here's some photos of the city!


Rigoletto's House