December 27, 2014

I really love.... (December 2014)

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1. This year: it started in not a good way, but it end magnificent
2. Spending a weekend abroad with Mr and friends.
3. House hunting with my Mr
4. Christmas lunch with relatives, always messy, but fun!
5. Watching some movies without falling asleep on couch (huge goal for me!)
6. Waiting for snow
7. A new bracelet that I always wear
8. A stroll with my cousin
9. My first pay slip
10. The fact that this is going to be my last Christmas spent in my mum's house!

December 23, 2014

Lienz by night

This has been a very busy period. I was waiting for Christmas for having a little bit of calm, for taking my time, for relaxing.
But my body knows what's better for me, before than me.
That's why I'm sick. I've got the fever. And there's only 2 days to Christmas!!! :( I wait for Christmas the whole year, and when it arrives I got sick. :(

By the way, I now have some me-time, hoping this fever goes away soon! And what's better than a morning spent on my blog?

On December 13th and 14th, Mr and I spent a weekend in Lienz with some friends to see Christmas Markets.
Markets were small, but cute, we ate a lot of Austrian foods, and we had a great time. We arrived and we took a look at the Christmas markets, then we went to see the Castle! We hoped to visit it the day after, but it's closed until May 22nd....
Here's some photos!

December 19, 2014

This is the period I love more!

Have a very nice weekend!
Just 6 days to Christmas!!!

I'll be back very soon!!!!

December 11, 2014

Thank you

And so, here we are.
In what I think is the most beautiful month of the year.
In the last month of the year.
So, nothing is happening, but the fact that I'm very happy.

I'm celebrating my new work with all my friends, my family, everyone.
I would love to take a tea with you too. I would love to bake a cake and talk for hours with my friend Amanda, about photography, about running, about how is life with a husband, and so on....with Rosa asking something about pregnancy, vegan diet, and shopping, and with Sarah that surely would suggest me some wonderful places to visit.
I think the new job is just an excuse, because since I "met" these wonderful ladies I thought  it would be great meeting them in real life!I "celebrate" with you here, because I cannot come to your houses with a cake and a bottle of wine!
...but, you know, never say never! :)


December 10, 2014

15 days to Christmas!

We had a loooong weekend, and, let me tell you, I really needed it.
I took a lot of time with my Mr, I bought a new smartphone (the one I had was broken) we went to see a volleyball match, we ate pizza, we fell asleep on the sofa, and we saw some houses for rent.
I like the house #2, he likes house #4, so I think we will fall in love for the house #6, or know!
But, I like having this kind of problems!I like thinking about our future home: "where can we set the table?", or "where can we set our bed?" and "what about the mirror in the bath?" Nice, isn't?

And on Monday we decorate our Christmas tree!!! it's so woooooonderful!!!!!!! not because it's mine, but I really love this period of the year!

 I love this video, it's by John Lewis, I love sharing it with you, because it's great....

December 2, 2014

Norwegian girl

Saturday I was doing some shopping and I ask my Mr if he likes me with this hat.
 He said that I look like a Norwegian girl. 
I thought it was "yes".