September 30, 2013

My first time in Austria

When Mr and I graduated we received a lot of smartbox, a kind of travel-gift-boxes.
Thanks to our graduation, we visited  TuscanyLago Maggiore, and Copenhagen (not with smartbox, but it was a gift...).
We had to use our last smartbox, so we spent our weekend to the mountains!!!
On Saturday, we met with some of our friends, and we decided to rent the bicycles and ride through the cycling lane San Candido-Lienz (about 49 km)....the landscape were breath-taking, and we really had a very great time!!
Here's the first part  of our weekend!

Here we are, ready to start!

My Mr!

I love this photo!There's one of my best friends, my Mr, and the wonderful colours of fall

This was my very first time in Austria, and, well, I loved it!!

September 27, 2013

Little letters for this last weekend of September


Dear followers,
when I started blogging, I really don't know where this would have take me.
Of course, I thought about becoming an Italian Taza.
But after about 2 years, I still have 38 followers, so I'm not gonna become a new Taza. (to be honest, not so bad)
But blogging gives me something more. Something unexpected, and so more wonderful.
I met some good friends, especially one, who is really interested in what I'm doing, in how I'm feeling, and gives me some good advice....and as I'm not good with words as she is, I'm going to thank Amanda for becoming part of my life!

Dear weekend,
thank you for coming!! I'm so happy because I could have my Mr all for me (I don't have to share him with his work), because we're going to the mountains with some friends!!

Dear Basia Bulat,
I cannot stop listening to this song. I even sing it. Very loud. Not a good thing for my neighbour, but I don't really care! :)

Dear crisis,
thank you for making me thinking in a more creative way!

Dear Harry Potter,
I love you, not you, but all the books, movies....oh, how I would love to be an Hogwarts student!!

Have a happy weekend!!!!

September 25, 2013

I really love (September 2013)

1. Reading, really. I'm looking for a job that requires a lot of hours spent in reading books. I don't know if this exists....
2. Sorry, this is number 1 not 2.....
Let's do it again....

1. Your comments!!!!!I LOVE THEM!!!!!They made my days!for every comment you left, my heart is full of joy!!
I'm discovering so many wonderful blogs, and every time I find a new one I think "Why should somebody read MY blog? It's just about my life...nothing very interesting..." So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for leaving comments!

2. Reading (as above)

3. Figs: I ate a lot of them from my grandpa's tree!they are....I cannot describe....I love them! the interesting thing is that I didn't like them, 3 years ago!

4. Flowers I find when I go running

5. Thinking that in just 3 months, it'll be Christmas!!! 

6. Thinking about all I have, not all I haven't. This kind of exercise works, infact I feel better than last week (thank you pinterest for some inspirational thoughts! 1, 2, .... )

7. Cooking

8. On Saturday, a man was playing his piano in the middle of the's not the first time I saw him,'s so wonderful listening to classic music while you walk...good man that follows his dreams still exists..

9. Sunsets...every evening they are amazing!

10. My Mr he's the best man I could ever meet!

September 23, 2013

A good weekend

New week, new season, new positive thoughts!
After a very bad Friday, I had a wonderful weekend:
On Saturday, Mr and I met my childhood friends and we had a very huge and good dinner, we talked about how life changes when you decide to start to live together with your boyfriend/ seems boyfriends discover so many new things about their girlfriends... how important is cleaning, how important is having a neaten house, and so on...
Mr and I don't live together, yet. Despite all the things we heard, despite how boys scared my Mr telling him "Don't do this! You're in time!It's going to be a nightmare!You will regret!", well, we still want to live together asap!
Because we think that waking up in the morning together, living all the little things together, is priceless!
On Sunday, I met a pretty lady while I was biking, now she's living in Dubai, but she's here in Italy for some days! I was so happy to meet her!
In the afternoon I was with Mr and little Didi (do you remember?) for a walk in the Park... and this was all I need!!

They've already talked about everything....
She never stops!
My favourites
Good morning, fall!

September 20, 2013

And so, in September 2013 I started loving basket...

Mr loves basket.
Two weeks ago he went to Slovenia, where there is Eurobasket, with some of his teammates to watch two matches of Italy. (we won)
He had the best time of his life. 
So I started to follow basket, too. And let me tell you...basket is better than football...first of all there are just 5 players, so you have to learn by heart just 5 names, plus, there's more action!!!
And I started to follow Gigi Datome that is a very talented Italian boy that now is playing in NBA, with Detroit Pistons.
So, yesterday night there were Italy-Lituania: I spent one of the most beautiful nights with my Mr.
We watched the game in his bed, he explained me all that I asked him (everything), we ate a snack in his bed, we rooted for Italy.... while I was there I thought that I'm going to love my life with Mr.
A life full of those little things, like an evening spent watching and cheering a basket match.
Oh, fyi, Italy lost.

September 19, 2013

Oh, books

Let me tell you....these days aren't the best of my life.
Looking for a job, having job interviews without any answer, standing next to my phone with the hope that it rings...well, it's not the best.
But these days have something good.
I read. A lot.
The smell of a new book that is different from the one of an old, the sound of the pages, the beginning of a new chapter...
Thanks to them, I go everywhere.
While I read, I think about the story and nothing else. I always identify with the girl-main-character, and, of course, Mr is the boy-main-character.
In this summer I fall in love with Fannie Flagg's books (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, A Redbird Christmas, the one I loved most), because the places she describes, are exactly where I want to live.
I read about Sherlock Holmes's investigations, Ester Prynne's shame, MiMi's great heart...
Why do I tell you this?
Well, one of my cousins, Mrs Fogg, on Facebook, links a wonderful page... and the good of these days comes into my head...


September 18, 2013

Mare profumo di mare- Vizula and Porec

Here's the last part of our Croatian holidays!
I would be there, right now.
Fall is coming.
I hope some good news are coming too.
I just hope.
By the way, the last day we visited Vizula and Porec.
Vizula was a little city near were we had our apartment (Medulin), and it was inhabited by much history!
I love it! if I could express a desire, I would like to travel through time....

I was reading the guide

this skirt, for me, was like a toga!

Coming back home, we visited Porec, where we saw The "Basilica Eufrasiana" that was amazing!
If you go to Porec, I reccomend it to you!

Basilica Eufrasiana

 And so, we came back home...