March 31, 2012


Oh my God!!!
The next Sunday is easter!!! I completely forget it!!!
This is a wonderful photo I have stolen from here, and here you find some ideas for these days!!!
Thank you Verde Capim for this wonderful photo!!!!

March 30, 2012


I have to go to my Professor!
But I want to share with you these two songs that I really really love!!!!

I promise tomorrow I'll bring more happiness and creativity on my post!!!!
Have a nice nice Friday!!!!

March 29, 2012

Boring post

Ok, today I'm going to talk about my thesis. So if you don't want to read it, you have all my sympathy. : )
I'm studing the birth race with data of 1800. I have to study if the Church (saying to people "you don't have to make sex"; I'm very embarassed if I think when I will debate this with some Professors, my face will turn pink, red, bordeaux ..... ) influenced births, mainly during Lent, ah, I'm studing statistical....
Data say no. Is it funny for my thesis? : )
I leave with these FANTASTIC ROSES that arrived yesterday evening for my mommy.....

March 28, 2012

The lady plant

She is bloomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think this plant is a lady, that's why I talk about "her"!!!
My thesis is blooming too, today my boyfriend has his last Universitary exam, (the one I did in December), and here the weather is good.
Today I feel fine, and positive.
I hope you have a great day too!!!
PS: THANK YOU for all your lovely comments!!!they mean a lot for me!!!

March 27, 2012

The blog: The color issue

Until I saw the comment of yesterday I thought about another post about a book. But then I saw her blog.
Aarean has a wonderful colored blog, that makes a lot of joy and happiness, and it's called The color issue!!!
take a look!!!
I fell in love with this post ....
After April 5th I'm going to try to do one!
I steal this images!!!It's soooooo lovely!!!

March 26, 2012

A little break

Yesterday I took a pause from my thesis and I went out.
And all the trees know that spring is finally come!!!

I saw this house, next to the park I love......I really can see us in a house like this!!!
No, we are not looking for a house, now. But I like it. ; )
Have a nice Monday!!!

March 25, 2012


Yesterday, studing with my boyfriend.
Boyfriend: "You look like an acarus"
He knows how to steal my heart. Every time.

March 24, 2012


Yesterday arrived the catalog of Ikea.
Ok, I like Ikea, I would not furnish my whole house with Ikea furniture, but you know...... the catalog is a SUMMER catalog, with a lot of fantastic thing for the outsides!!!!
If I could dream, I would like a home like this..... be realistic, and honest, we would feel good even here, with all those plants!!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!

March 23, 2012


Unexpected 1
Yesterday one of my Professor searched for me. I was studing in the computer room of our University, he entered, sat down next to me and started talk to me about the thesis. He was very nice, smart, and even funny. And now I'm a little 'quiter then before.

Unexpected 2
this ivy, a present from my boyfriend ( : ) )

Unexpected 3
it's going to blossom!!!!!!!!!!

Unexpected 4
the gift that my boyfriend made to me for our 4th anniversary:
these lovely mugs.....

these glasses....
and this pillowcase (you know I adore dogs.....)

I can say unexpected wins expected 4-0.
I love unexpected things.

March 22, 2012

Spring in my head

These last posts have been a little sad .... so, today there is no place for sadness, I want to be postive, to be happy of all I have! (because it's really a lot!!!) So bye bye blue days, welcome happy days!
I still have to write my thesis, but I can do it!!! (that's what I think today....)

March 21, 2012

Until April 5th.....

Yesterday I brought a part of my documents for my graduation.
I have to finish all my thesis before April 5th.
It's quite impossible, but impossible is nothin!!!
I understand that I'm unable to do a lot of things, I studied a lot during these years and I remember almost nothing....anyway, if I think about me on April 6th .....i feel light as a feather ..... so.....

March 20, 2012

Yes, spring is come

Yesterday, while I was opening the door of my bakery, the baker said me "Where have you been? Why do you disappear?"
For a week I didn't go to buy bread in his shop.
It's so wonderful having people who cares about you!!!!

P.S. This morning Google remind me that ..........TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

......thank you for coming!!! Today I feel fine... : )

March 19, 2012


I will not think about March 2012 as the best month in my life, for some reasons.
Luckily it's going to end.
So, spring and April, do you wanna arrive?

March 18, 2012


..... sometimes ideas come into my head.......and it's a very good thing!!! ; )

March 17, 2012

Last winter weekend

This morning I'm going to take a break from my paper....I really really want to make some shopping ....
..... but I won't.
I will wait until April 5th, when I have to give to my University my paper. Wow, it sounds really really good.
Anyway, in these days I'm drinking a lot, I'm sleeping, I'm waking up early in the morning (not a particulary thing .... ) but I think I'm living as an old woman .....

March 16, 2012

11 things (Part 2)

1.Would you rather eat a bug or have someone constantly poke you in your ribs for one whole day?
I prefer someone that poke me in my ribs for one whole day!!! I don't like to test new taste
2. What was your most embarrassing moment?
I don't have just one.... I usually put myself in embarrassing moments not because I want...
3. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
I love dresses, they are so female!
4. (I am going to steal this from Jasmine:) What is directly to your left?
My mobile!
5. The last thing you ate?
Milk+coffee+breakfast cereal
6. Do you have nicknames? And what are they?
Of course!!!my sister gave me nicknames since I was very very young; the last is "Pice" that means "little". This is the one I prefer, that's why these are "Pice's adventures"!!
7. If somebody offered you 100 bucks if you shaved your head, would you do it? 
Absolutly NO!!!When I was 13 I saw "G.I. Jane" I thought I would do.....but then I looked at me in the mirror, and I discovered that I'm not Demi Moore.
8. What was your dream job when you were in kindergarten?
I would like to be a writer, a teacher.
9. If you had to choose between never eating vegetables for the rest of your life or only eating vegetables for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Only eating vegetables. I love them!
10. When was the last time you cried?
A week ago. I was too nervous. When I'm nervous I cry, then I feel really better!!
11. What is your favorite book? You can only choose one.
My first favourite book!!!The Little Prince.

March 15, 2012

11 Things, part 1

This is the game that I was talking about yesterday, thanks to Pia I started playing!!!!
1. Post these rules (done)
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things (done)
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post (see you tomorrow!)
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them (see you tomorrow!)
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you've tagged them. (see you tomorrow!)

1. I'm afraid of flying. In 2008 my boyfriend and I went to Barcelona. When the plane took off I cried. Next to us there was a little child. While I was crying, the nice little boy said "Mom, can we do it again?". Blissful innocence.
2. I brush my teeth very slowly. And while I do it I go around my house. I think it's a waste of time, staying in front of washbasin all the time.
3. I wake up early in the morning. I don't need clock alarm.
I live once.
5. I'm a little obsessed with numbers, dates, anniversaries..... :)
6. I love Christmas
7. I always wanted to wear glasses. I think they would give me an intellectual air. And if I would wear them, I would probably don't need to wear make up. 
8. Technology hates me. I try to convice it that I'm a good person, but it doesn't hear ....
9. I'm afraid of stomach flu. Really. 
10. I hate to wax my legs.
11. To write in this blog I sometimes use "Google translator". I think you've already understood it.

For the next part of the game, see you tomorrow!!!!

March 14, 2012


I always knew that unexpected things are MORE MORE MORE FANTASTIC (I know it's wrong, but I don't care ... :) ) than  the expected one.
When I started this blog I knew no one who had a blog, no one but my boyfriend knew that I was going to start a blog.
Then I started tell to my friends "Ehi, I have a blog" and some of them, read it every single morning. Thank you.
But then happened another, unexpected thing.
I started to have blog-"friends".
Every morning I look at their blog to see if everything is ok, if they are fine, to see if everything is ok, if everything is going on the right way. Yes, it's probably strange, but that's me.
And this morning Pia made my day, with a totally unexpected thing. (look at her last comment on last post)
I have to answer to her play "11 things".
And that's what I'm going to do one of these days!!!(forgive me, but I have to study, and I'm not so good with English, as you can see ....)
So, today a special thank to Pia that really made my day!!!
I feel like....

March 13, 2012

Things I love (March 2012)

Things I love of this month!!!
1) Days are loooonger
2) Flowers are blossomed!!!
3) This is the last month of my life that I study, it sounds good
4) I discover new friends
5) My boyfriend is bearded (I like like him!!!)
6) I'm reading a cool book "Yesterday's news" by Ingemarsson Kajsa: I have to finish it, but it talks about kitchen
7) My rides with my bicycle
8) Making silly photos to put in my blog
9) My house full of flowers that my boyfriend gave me
10) My boyfriend. This is probably the first thing that I love, but I don't want to be tooooooo sweet!

March 12, 2012


Yesterday the sky was blue.
The air is still fresh, but it's a pleasure staying outside.
I took my bicycle and I had a lunch with my mommy, my sister and her husband.
While I was cycling, this song came to my mp3.
And this guy came to my mind.
 .... and I think I can overcome everything.
Have a nice nice week!!!
Other flowers are growing up!!!

March 11, 2012


Last night I made a discovery. At 5 o'clock in the morning, birds start singing. And if you aren't sleeping because you have some worries, it's cool thinking you are not alone.
By the way, yesterday was better. I met some friends, one of my cousins, and something of my paper, works. This night I slept. No birds singing. To be sincere I prefer sleeping ....
Have a sunny Sunday!!!

March 10, 2012


Yesterday? Horrible day. Really, nothing about my paper works, but I know it will work very soon , it must work.....: )
So, today I want to put my brain in stand-by, that's why I'm here ....

March 9, 2012

I just have to make a call......

I probably found what I'm going to dress for my University degree:
I just have to make a call to ask her if she can land this wonderful outfit to me.
I promise I'll give back it to her clean and scented.

March 8, 2012

Life is good

Sometimes some little things can change a day, an unexpected call, some people who stands next to you and listens to your troubles, a paper that is taking shape, ...and a bad day turns into a good day!!! : )
I really really think life is wonderful, and I love it, bad and good days!!!
And spring is slowly coming.....

March 7, 2012

Gnomes and fishing

The thing about little pictures of me in some places reminds me the movie "The fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain" when Amelie gave to one of her friends, who was an hostess, the little gnome that travelled all around the world!

I don't know if the mini-me will travel around the world .....I prefer going in the most unexpected places!

March 6, 2012


Currently my life is a little bit boring ..... I'm studing, and I'm thinking about my future .... ah, and I'm studing ...
..... but making these stupid photos makes me laughing!!!
I promise, I'm going to make other kind of posts!!!!starting tomorrow!!! ; )

March 5, 2012

A wish

Yesterday I ate too much!!!I had a birthday of two of my friends, and we had a lunch!!!
It has been a great great day!!!
At the evening I was very very tired, so I went to bed very early, and I read.
I'm reading "Come back Como" written by Steven Winn .....I WANT A DOG.
... can someone stop me?

March 4, 2012

Flower and climbing

And then it happened .....
Do you remember my second post?
After three months they blossomed!!! Tadaaaan!!!

.... and I try to sit in it!!! But it's not so easy as it seems....

March 3, 2012

First weekend of March!!!

This morning I woke up, and that's what I saw out of my window!!!!
A dream a dream!!!
And I wish you a nice weekend!!

March 2, 2012

Marketing men

Sometimes marketing for some brands is too good.
When I enter in some "beauty shops" I see all the photos of wonderful girls, and something inside my head thinks:  "Yes, you can become like her, if you use all their products ...."
But, I always buy just a mascara, or a nail polish, because another "something" inside me knows I could never be like her ..... and with a new nail polish and my mascara I start studying in this new day!!!
But, those marketing men are too good at ..... damn......

March 1, 2012

Happy first day of March!!

I probably made a mistake.
I wrote on google "spring puppy" and look what I found ....
I want spring, because I have a lot of dresses to put on ( and to buy!!!!), there are so many fantastic dresses ....for example.....
this dress from Lazzari:

and this one from Benetton ( but look at the wedge!!! fantastic!!!) I discovered this dress thanks to Anna!!!

and this one from Zara:

and this one from Mango.....

Ok. Stop.
I must study!!!!!
(psssss: Spring, can you arrive????)