April 27, 2015

I really love...(April 2015)

I love weekend mornings.
Mr sleeps, and I have the whole house for me.
I blog, I browse blogs I love, I read about photography, I listen to some music, and I relax.
Since Mr and I moved in, I had a little time for myself.
There's always something for the house that we have to do, or we have to buy.
But the early weekends mornings are all for myself!

So, here everything is good.
1. I love the sunlights that pass through the window
2. I love taking care of my plants
3. I love the sun that shines
4. I love wearing flats
5. I love life with Mr
6. I love running
7. I love inviting friends for showing them our house
8. I love Mr that build an Ikea funiture
9. I love taking photos
10. I love flowers around our house

April 23, 2015

Last day in Crete

And so, here we go with the last post of Crete!!

We had our studio in Plakias, a beautiful apartment in the south of the island.
During the last day in Crete, we took the car, and we drove to Aghia Paulos, but the sea there was rough, so we decided to come back home, and we spent the afternoon in the beach of Plakias.

Agios Paulos
Agios Paulos

As you can see, Mr and I had a great time in Crete!!!
If you go there, put in your bag a pair of sneakers and a hat, and....enjoy!!!

April 19, 2015

Macro course with Ezzelino fotoclub

Yesterday morning Mr and I went to a small photography course (of 3 hours), made by Ezzelino fotoclub.
This course was organized in Giardino Parolini (a Botanical Garden) in Bassano del Grappa where there wasa flower exposition.
We started learning how to take photos of flowers (macro photography).
I took photos (for the first time!!) with a Canon: it was good, but it was quite different from my Nikon... but my Mr, (for I think the first time) took some photos with my camera!!!
(I don't have my photos yet, they are in the other camera!)
Here's what he did!
And I was trying to learn how to use a Canon!

Then, when the course ended Mr and I took a stroll around the park, and I took some photos too!
So, we visted the part dedicated to Tari, that is a firm that produces biological products, they made compositions with flowers and vegetables!
and they are wonderful!!!

April 14, 2015

Crete: Aghia Pelagia and Church of St. Nicolas

So, here we go with another post of Crete!
It's the penultimate post of this wonderful country, I promise! ;)
After visiting the Palace of Cnosso, Mr and I spent the afternoon in Aghia Pelagia, a wonderful beach near the Palace of Cnosso...

Coming back "home", in the studio where we spent the last 3 days, we visted the Church of St. Nicolas, the church was set next to a small waterfall, in a small canyon:

April 9, 2015


Here's where Mr and I spent "Pasquetta", Easter Monday (in Italy we don't go to work!), and we usually go out for a pic nic....
I took some photos, I needed to spend some time with my camera and, of course my Mr!
So, Mr and I took a little stroll in Nervesa della Battaglia, a small town in Treviso...well, I think it was a good place for starting (again) taking photos!