Collaboration - Xle SoRelle

A dear friend of mine, Stefania, in 2009 founded a great jewellery shop called "Xle SoRelle", it's an Italian wordplay, where:
- Xle means "pearls" ("x" in italian is read "per")
- SoRelle means sisters
Infact, she collaborates with her sister, Roberta, and they create unique jewels, like these....







The thing I've always loved about their works, is that you can create your personal earrings, necklaces, bracelets as you want!

If you wanna meet Stefania and Roberta, you find them here
If you want to know more about them, visit their facebook page: Xle SoRelle
If you want to buy some Xle SoRelle creations, visit their shop on etsy:
If you don't find want you want, contact them here, they will answer you soon!
Follow them even on Instagram, here: xlesorelle

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