May 31, 2014

Goodbye May! and.... I really love - May !

May, May, May....I have loved you because...

1* I've been in Amsterdam for my first time! (wonderful, wonderful city, Have I ever told you this?)
2* my 5th or 6th internship ended
3* I discovered a great blog, and if you like cooking, you must know this amazing, great, wonderful blog, with an amazing, great, wonderful lady!
4* While I was looking for some information about Amsterdam (do I tell you I visited it? No?!?! hahahaha) I jumped into a great blog
5* Summer is almost arrived, or probably no
6* I read some great books soaking up the sun... little joy of being unemployed!
7* I've organized my first bachelorette party...and I discovered that organization is not for me ....
8* I run (sooooo great!!!)
9* I cooked a delicious cake for my Mr
10* Most important new of the month (probably of the year).....Mr and I took and important decision...we are going to go living together!!!! we are going to be roommate!!! I don't know when this is going to happen, but we're looking for a house....very very exciting!!!

May 29, 2014

I promise, last photos of Amsterdam!

There were always a lot of people!!!

This day we took a bike! Best choice ever!!!

A night we took our tripod and went out to take some photos...
No tourists on/around!!

Well, I know, these are a looot of photos, but, as I told you before, I fell in love with this city!
If you want to visit this city I recommend to visit the VAN GOGH MUSEUM, of course KEUKENHOF, and RIJKSMUSEUM.

So, here it seems autumn is back again, it rains, and it's a bit cold.
Even if I don't work, my days are really full!
I'm organizing a bachelorette party (do you know that it's funny but exhausting?), I'm babysitting, I go to help my photography teacher, and I work for my Professor (on data of XIX century), and I'm spending some time reading and working on my, life isn't so bad lately....

May 26, 2014

A little recap of May

Photo taken by me in Amsterdam
In these days....

* My internship has finished. Well, I know that wasn't MY work. I didn't like it. I'm not able to, now I'm at the same point in my life where I was almost 1 year ago.
At home. Trying to know what's better for me. Well, I'm going to do exactly what I like.
Sorry, what I love.
In these days everyone is asking me about "my work". And everytime I repeat the same "I was in an internship and it's over." It was my fifth interniship. And I think it was my last internship.
I'm not sad, I'm just a little bit tired.
Now I'm going to look for the right work, while doing something I like.

* Probably Mr and have a big news to share with you (no babies ahead!), but I have to be sure of it, and then I'm going to tell it!

* Well, I think summer is coming. Yesterday I put off my chemise.
Yes, during winter I always wear my chemise, I'm a young old lady.
But when hot arrives, well, I put off it.
Yesterday, I took it off, so summer is officially arrived.

* I'm reading a lot. I'm so happy of this. I'm currently reading "Open" by Andre Agassi. Well, I know nothing about tennis, but I'm enjoying this book. I really suggest it to you.

* I'm in love with this bag. You can create it as you want!
FANTASTIC! (and my birthday is not so far...)

* Friday I was babysitting a 3 months baby. He's my friend's baby.
He's cute, he's so calm, he never cries. I took a stroll with him, and he was happy looking at cars. Then felt asleep on my shoulder. And my heart melted. Is there anything better then a baby that falls asleep on your shoulder?

Have a great week, my dear!

May 22, 2014

Today I take you to....

If you go there, well, you have to LOVE flowers, especially tulips.
I LOVE tulips, that's why my sweet Mr took me there. Keukenhof is a huge park where you can find a lot of plants, flowers, tulips, everything!
We went there at the end of the season, so some tulips were already cut, but, for me, it was a magical day!
I took sooooo many photos's the first part of our day in this wonderful park!! (just tulips, to be honest....)