March 28, 2016

How I met your mother

Happy Easter dear friends!!!
How was your Easter day?
Here, we ate toooooo much (as usually!), Mr and I had a lunch with Mr's family, and then we met with my family.
At the end of the day, Mr and I watched the last episode of How I met your mother.
I didn't like too much the last season (#9), but the two last episodes worth the whole 9 season.
And now I lost some friends. I've already lost Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joy.
But while "Friends" is the series I watched with my sister, "How I met your mother" is Mr-and-I-series, we "grew up" with Marshall, Lily, Ted, Robin and Barney.
What can i say about this series?  I love it. Really.
Watch it.


Buona Pasqua a tutti!
Qui come sempre, abbiamo mangiato un sacco!Pranzo con la famiglia del Mr a poi siamo andati a salutare la mia famigliola.Ogni anno che passa, sono sempre più attaccata alle tradizioni.....
Alla sera, io e il Mr abbiamo finito di vedere "How I met your mother".
Abbiamo iniziato a vedere questo telefilm anni e anni fa, quando eravamo al'inizio della nostra storia, e le vicende di Lily, Marshall, Ted, Robin e Barney sono sempre state un buon motivo per starcene in divano a guardare la tv.
Mentre guardavamo l'ultima serie su Netflix (che meravigliosa invenzione!!!), aspettavo con ansia la fine, l'ultima puntata.
Sebbene la nona stagione non mi sia piaciuta granchè, le ultime due puntate si fanno perdonare l'intera stagione.
Mi è davvero piaciuta un sacco. Ovviamente ho pianto, perchè questo è quello che succede quando ci lascia con dei cari amici....
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March 25, 2016

I envy this family....

On Sunday Mr and I took a stroll through hills.
And I envy the family that lives in this house:

They have a wonderfu view, a huge garden, a lot of trees....I thought of all the wonderful afternoons that kids can spend here in spring/summer.....
Now that spring is coming, I really need a garden where I can spend my weekends...
Just a little thought!!

See you soon!
Have a nice Friday dear friends!

March 13, 2016

Just a little update

Hello my dear friends!
days are flying so so so so fast!
 Here's some important things...

***On Friday, one of my cousins had a baby boy, named Gabriele!!! I cannot wait to see and hug and kiss him!!!

***In these days, some happy things happened thanks to the photos I post on my Instagram account...
- @igerssiena repost one of my photos
- @mattinopadova (a local newspaper) repost one of my photos
- @Hotel Athena Siena (on twitter) repost one of my photos
ok, just 3 repost...but they mean sooooooooo much to me!!!
I usually update a photo on Instagram before going to work, I just have 10 minutes, and my smartphone always sometimes has some that reposts, are miracles to me!!!

***I have a lot of white/grey hair....I think it's time for some dye....

***March 8th here in Padua was a very dark and grey day: it rained a loooot and the wind blow. While I was driving to my mum's home for lunch, I passed in front of a school.
There were a boy, under an umbrella, that was holding an orchid and some branch of mimosa.
Well, he was waiting for his girl.
This situation made me smile.

***netflix arrived in this house. OH MY GOD, I think i could stay at home from work for some months....Now we're watching the ninth season of  "How I met your mother"..... :)

***Today the sun is shining, so I'm gonna clean out the house, and enjoy a stroll!

I wish you a very very happy weekend!!

This my anniversary gift! an amarillis :)