April 29, 2016

My purpose - it goes on ;)

My "moving program" is going on!
On Thursday I waked for 5 km, and yesterday evening I biked for 8 km.
Having this blog and sharing with you what I do, helps me.
I don't know if I would go on with my purpose without my little corner in the web!

So, here is cold. Very very cold. Weather probably spyed me last Saturday, while I was changing my winter wardrobe to spring and summer.....
But, today is Friday!!!On Saturday I'm going to a wedding, so.....this will be a great weekend!
Have a great Friday, my dear!
Parco Treves in Padua

April 27, 2016

My purpose (I forgot the day)

A very quick update! :)
Yesterday I came back to work....bad mood....I don't wanna be negative, so I'll write nothing about it....
After work I went to do my first manicure!!!!Well, isn't it great?I don't think I will keep it for looong time, I like having nail polish, but after some days I get bored of it...do you feel the same?
When I came back home, I bike with my exercise bike for 7 km, while I was watching 500 days.
Finger crossed today at work will be better!

April 25, 2016

My purpose and a collaboration!

Happy Monday evening my friends!
Another night is passed without Mr, the last one, because he's coming home! Yahooo!!!
To be honest these days are flown, but I'm so so so happy he will be here in a couple of hours :)
I'm watching at "Eat, pray, love", Julia Roberts is really great, now she's in Italy, and she's eating!

About my purpose...yesterday and today I walked for 5 km, I really feel fine and great!I hope you're finding some time for moving too, because now that I do it, I'm asking myself "how could I spend the whole winter without execise a bit?"

And last but not least!
I'm collaborating with my friend Stefania of "Xle SoRelle"! I'm excited, because she creates wonderful jewels, and she has a lot of creativity!!!
I hope this collaboration will last a lot!
And stay tuned for the first giveaway!!!
Xle SoRelle
Xle SoRelle

 Happy Monday night, my friends!

April 24, 2016

My purpose - days 5 and 6

Happy rainy Sunday my dear friends!
So, Friday no exercise: Mr, my mum and I went to the florist, and we talked about the flowers we will use for our wedding. Then a dinner with friends, and so I had no time for walking/biking/running.
On Saturday, I walked 1,000 km looking for the perfect dress to wear at the weddings I'm gonna have the next weekends. And I didn't find it. I don't know what I'll wear. I'll probably have a crush. Someday.
Plus, the night that is passed I slept without my Mr. He's at a bachelor party of a friend of us, in Belgium.
This was the first night I slept without him, and home alone. Home is different, without him. I hope Monday evening will arrive soon. This is the first time I wish Monday evening will arrive soon.
Have a nice Sunday!!!

Ah, yesterday I bought this book... :)

April 22, 2016

My purpose - day 4

Friday....what a magic word!!!
Today, last day of work for this week, and the weekend will have an extra day because here in Italy April 25th is a festivity day.
But, let's talk about yesterday....
I came home at 7:20 pm, because I went to the store market. I really wanted to stay at home for making dinner and other stuff....but! I took my bike and I ride for 7 km.
I took my "purpose" seriously, and do you know? at evening I'm exhausted, but very happy.
So, have a nice earth-day, friends!!

April 21, 2016

My purpose - day 3

Goood morning!!!
So yesterday I biked for 11 km!!! :)
It took me an hour, and I felt great!
Why did I start this purpose only now???
By the way, I have a little advice for you: if you bike, don't sing. Some mosquitos can think that your mouth is a pleasent place to visit :)
Mr, summer 2014

April 20, 2016

My purpose - day 2

Day 2 of my staying fit-project.
I had no time for walking/biking/running because I had a great dinner with friends.
But today I'm gonna bike double.
This is gonna be a gooooood day! :)

Have a great day my friend!
We're already hump day!
My friend Anna and I biking along San Candido Lienz cycling line

April 19, 2016

My purpose

Gooood morning!!!!

So starting from yesterday, I wanna walk/run/bike for at least 5 km every day.
I spend the most part of my days sitting in front of a pc, I gained some pounds, but, first of all I don't feel fine.
So I decided that I have to move, and this will be my daily diary!
If you wanna join me, well you're welcome!

For now, have a nice Tuesday!

What I saw yesterday during my stroll :)

April 10, 2016

4 passi in Marano di Vapolicella (Verona)

The sun is shining and a new Sunday is about to start.
My heart melts when the sun arrives and I can stay outside for the whole day.
Last Sunday I spent a wonderful day, walking through cherry-trees, vineyards, and admiring how wonderful is where we live!
The event was called "4 passi" and we had to walk for about 9 km; after the first km we stop and we visit the first wine cellar, we taste some wine and we ate something.
We did this for 8 times. With friends.
It was great :)

The place is Marano di Valpolicella, it is in Verona, and I had a crush for it.