December 31, 2011

Dear 2011 ....

...... if I have to make a balance of you .... I can say you have been a good year, because:
  • I started this "new adventure" of blogging .... and I like it!
  • I finished all my universitary exams, and I feel lighter now.
  • This summer I started running ...and I found it wondeful! I love how I feel when I finished a run.
  • I found some new friends, and I lost others, but the friends I grew up with, are still here, and I'm very lucky, and thankful for them!
  • I visited one of the most beautiful city in the world, Paris, and I fell in love with it
  • And, above all, I'm increasingly sure my boyfriend will be the companion of my life, whatever happens.
so, happy new year to you!!!!

December 30, 2011


Do you know the orrible sensation that comes when you have a cold?
Have you ever feel like this?
..... in these days my nose is like this tap......
i'm taking care of me making a lot of tea, reading, and  relaxing...... so the perfect way to be on holiday!!!!!

December 29, 2011

Christmas Markets

Yesterday my boyfriend made me a very big gift.
He brought me to Trento to see Christmas Markets....... THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before we visited the city!
And then we started visiting Christmas Markets!!!
.... Santa and me!!!!!!
A flowerbed!
 And coming back home we saw a wonderful sunset!
A wonderful sunset!
..... I came home with a lot of wonderful things (candies with propolis and honey, marmelade, and a wonderful picture made with lavender!!! I'll post a picture, because I fell in love with it!!!!) ....but even with a bad cold......

December 27, 2011


At Christmas Eve I lost one of my pearl earring. It was a gift by my mummy, and I was a little bit sad. 
Now the point is, how can I use the earring that I still have?

Option 1): I can go to the jeweler and ask him just one pearl (mmmmmmm......)

Option 2): I can make a necklace, like this ( I like!!!! )

Option 3): I can make a ring, like this (I like very very much....., but I think it costs very very much.... :( )
Tell me, option 1, 2 or 3?

December 26, 2011

Nativity set

Today my mummy and I went to eat to my grandpa's house. We have replicated  Christmas lunch:
-  there were my two aunts and their husbands (my uncles)
-  there were all the leftovers from the day before (but with much smaller portions, thank to God!!!)
..... but none of my cousins was there.
 So after lunch I took my bicycle and I went around.
And I thought that i love nature, and I love winter, and sunny days like these..... and i'm grateful for all this!
Then, I was coming back home and in my street,  I saw this amazing nativity set! all the statues were moving!!!
The blacksmith works the iron
In the nativity set, shepherd the sheep shearer, the sheep is drinking, the fisherman catch a fish

I love this little vegetable garden!
It's really wonderful!!!!!!you have to see it, because everything is moving!!!

PS: I know all the photos of the nativity set are very very big! But in this way you can see all the details!!

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!Though a bit late!!!
Yesterday has been an amazing day!!!
I love Christmas!!!!
I received so and so many gifts!!!
But....... the biggest gift was made by my cousin (the only boy of our family, you can see him here) , 
he is going to marry!!!!!!!!
I'm so so happy for them!
When he told us this wonderful news, I was going to cry!
What a wonderful Christmas!!!

December 24, 2011

Ginger cookies!

Christmas eve!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday I made ginger cookies with my new molds!!! 
(this recipe is from  "Benvenuti nella mia cucina" I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!)

..... snails, sea urchin, squirrels..... and my mommy likes them!!! A miracle!!!!!

.... then yesterday evening I saw a wonderful movie.....
..... and I cried when it ended ....
so ..... Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

December 23, 2011

Anti Christmas eve!

This morning I'm going downtown with two of my cousins (the one who made me feel good, some days before my exam, and her sister ) because we have to take some gifts (I have to change a part of my sister's gift!!!!!).

AH!!!!!!I must tell you this!!!
Yesterday I went to my sister's house, because she wasn't well, and we talked a lot!!!
We were sit in the sofa, and her kitten, Mimi, was sleeping on my legs ...... it was wonderful!!!!!!!!!

and ......I WANT A PUPPY!!!!!

December 22, 2011

Yes Yes Yes!!!!

..... and now we begin to share gifts!!!!
Yesterday I started with my friends of University!

December 21, 2011

Fantastic afternoon

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to our Christmas shopping, and we took a digital picture frame for my boyfriend's father .... but, he already has it. (Boyfriend did not remenber this :) )
So we have to change it, but with what?
We are not very technical, so what can we buy?
And we decided to buy this:

POTS, FOR OUR FUTURE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And for us this is a very big big step!!!
We have non work, no house, no graduation yet, but we buy pots!!!
That's why I LOVE  MY BOYFRIEND!!!!
Yesterday I really had a wonderful afternoon!!! After buying pots ( :) ), we went to IKEA, (I love it), and I bought this
 .... and now i'm ready to cook some wonderful Christmas cookies!!!

December 19, 2011

I want them!!!!!

Good morning to you!!!!!!
I've found a beautiful blog of an Italian girl!! If you want to see it, go here.
I've found a wonderful idea for some future gifts!! Or for my future home!!!!

This lovely pillowcase!!! (go here) I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!
And if you are good at drawing, you can do it by your own!!!

December 18, 2011

I'm going to package!

Christmas is coming in my house!!!
Yesterday my boyfriend and I came out and made Christmas shopping!!!!

Today I'm going to package all the gifts I took, and than I'll put them under my Christmas tree, waiting  for the moment I will gave them!!! 
Just one week to Christmas!!!

December 17, 2011

I really love reading..... (part II)

Today I want to share with you another book.
I read this book this summer when i was in Krk, Croatia.
I really really love this book, probably because I love nature, flowers, plants.....
The book is this:
and the Italian cover is this!
My aunt lent me the book. But when I love a book, I want to have it! So I bought it, two days ago!!!! And I'm soooo happy!!!!!
I can read it when I want!
I even found the writer, Vanessa Diffenbaugh, on twitter! Here she is!!!

So, have a nice time with this fantastic book!!!!

December 16, 2011

Three is my magic number!

Ok, I promised that I would not have spoken of the exam until Monday. But. yesterday afternoon, while I was making my Christmas shopping, my boyfriend called me, and told me that I was promoted (obviously I took the minimum grade ;) ). It was the third time that I was trying to pass this exam . . . that's why,  three is my magic number!

I'm happy, but not al all. My boyfriend has not been promoted. And I can't be totally happy. I'll be happy only when he will pass the exam.

Now, I have to get used to the idea that I will not have to be studied!!!!! (except dissertation!)!!!
And, now I'm ready for this ..... :)

December 15, 2011

And finally.....

As I told you, i'm not very good with photos.... and my boyfriend does not always help me .....BUT ....
yesterday we finally did the Christmas tree!!!!!
the "my boyfirend and I " dolls!
If you look, you'll see my boyfiend!

I promise I'll try to make better photos, but..... don't you think this is a wonderful Christmas tree?

December 14, 2011


Yesterday I received my first Christmas gift!!!!!!
I went to my beautician, and she gave me this!!!!!!
It really smells good!!!!!

Then yesterday evening my neighbor came to say hello to me and my mommy ... he is two years older than me, and we are grow up together. 
When I were about 15,  he was coming to my house every afternoon to stay with me and my sister, and we really laughed a lot , we had great time together... then, we grow up and we took different paths, but we are affectionate each other ... his presence made me think about the past ...
this is a photo of me and my neighbor (I call him "brother", because he has been next to me in a very bad period of my life, as only a brother can do)
That's a photo of me and my brother when I graduated (4 years ago)

December 13, 2011

The day after

I promise I will say NOTHING about yesterday and the exam (no good sensation ...) until the next Monday (when I will know something about).
Today I'm going to do all those things I postponed because of the exam..... and this aftrenoon I'm ready for my firts Christmas shopping of the year!!!!!
..... see you tomorrow!!!

December 12, 2011

December 12th

Finally this day is arrived.
I hope it passes quickly.
Today I would like to be Sheldon Cooper of "The Big Bang Theory"
Everything will be easy if I were him...


December 10, 2011

- 2 days

- 2 days!!!!!
This dark period is going to end!!!!!

December 9, 2011

- 3 days

- 3 days!!!!!
i'm a little bit nervous .....................

Yesterday I studied with my boyfriend .... and we spent the whole day together,I have to tell him.....

thank you !!!!!

December 8, 2011

December 8th

In my mind December should look like this:

Let's see how wonderful is the landscape there!!!!
I think Piril Maria is very very lucky!!!

Every year, on December 8th, we decorate our Christmas tree...... but this year is I'm going to study........and I'm going to make my Christmas tree on December 13th!!!!

December 7, 2011

A gift from Berlin

One of my friend last week went to Berlin.
When she was there she has thinked about me and she brought me this beautiful gift.
 The ingredients are: apple, hibiscus, currants, rose hips, orange peel, Madlen,  cinnamon, rose petals
(that's how they are written in Deutsch: apfel, hibiskus, korinthen, Hagebutte, Orangenschalen, Madlen, Zimtstücke, Rosenblüten).... I must try it!!!!!

... and even this postcard!!! And I LOVE RECEIVING MAILS!!!!!!!
She told me Berlin is a wonderful city!!!!I must visited it!!!

December 6, 2011

Special days!

..... if your boyfriend tells you that you came to his mind when he hears this song on radio, how would you feel?

These things turn ordinary days into special days!!!

December 5, 2011

Missing only one week

Dear Santa,
this year can you come on December 12th?
I want no gifts, I just want to be promoted!!!!I want nothing more!
Lots of love

..... and in this blog  I find myself and what I feel about my exam.........
..... so I'm not alone!!!!