August 27, 2013

See you next week

We're leaving! finally it's our time!
This afternoon, we'll arrive in Croatia, and we're going to:
- get a super tan
- read a looooot of books
- swim a lot
- take loooong walk
....having some time for us!
So, see you next week!!!!

August 23, 2013

I really love (August 2013)

I read some old post of "Love Taza" (the blog of Naomi) and I realized that it's been a while that I don't write a "I really love" here it is! August 2013 edition!!

1) Reading a very good book soaking up the sun
2) Having good and looong talk with my childhood friends (thank you Ale and Giò)
3) Asking to Mr: "what's your 10 things that make you terribly happy?", and hearing, as an answer "Doing the shopping with you". Wow
4) Being really happy for the beautiful things that is happening to one of my girlfriend (Giò)
5) Waiting for vacation
6) Waiting for the arrival of this little girl, thank you again, Groupon!
7) Running, swimming, biking...I love sport!
8) My freckles on my nose
9) Discovering a new blog: nishaantishu by Freya: I love this blog for many of this because of  her english dreamy garden ! Take a look at her blog, you'll surely spend some good time in her company!
10) Last but not least, the wedding of one of my best university girlfriend.....tomorrow!!!

Happy Friday!!!

August 21, 2013

Such a great heights

Yesterday was not a good day. I had a fight with Mr, with my mom, and probably with myself, the weather was blue and cold....nothing worked out!
But today? Today is really really better!!!
The sun is shining, not fight with my Mr, and everything seems good!
So, here you find some photos of our walk on the walls of Cittadella!

Mr is afraid but he is attracted by heights at the same time, funny, isn't it?
Sometimes a look at the top isn't a bad idea!
As you can see, he is not very relaxed...
Mr and the moon
The tour is over!
we were very high!!
If you go to Cittadella, and you're not afraid of heights, let's take a walk around the walls, because they're really beautiful!!
For more informations, take a look here!

August 19, 2013

A loooong weekend lived with Mr

Happy Monday to you!!!
This long weekend (from August 15th til August 18th), Mr and I lived together, we took a proof....and...the result is that we were so fine together, that we look forward the day we could really live together, every day and every night....
By the way...these days had been full of things: we met people, watched our favourite tv series, went to swimming pool (yes, other 40 laps, ;) ), cleaned the house, did the shopping, rode the bike, and we visited  the walls of Cittadella!
Here's the first part of the photos that I took during our loong weekend!

We rode the bikes and discovered a new park!

A part of this park, belonged to children... :)
See you tomorrow for the photos of the walk on the walls of Cittadella!!
Have a nice week!!

August 13, 2013

I'm still not Michael Phelps...

Do you remember when, last year, I told to you that I was learning to swim?
Well, this year I can totally tell you that I can swim. 
On Saturday I did 40 (I'm not lying) laps. 1 km!!!!I did every lap by breaststroke... and where I can't hit the rock bottom....isn't it great?!?
And for this I just have to thank my sweet teacher Mr!!!

August 11, 2013

Do you remember Miss Mimi?

....we have a guest, that purrs, that jumps everywhere, that has a wonderful fur, that wakes me up in the morning scratching the door with her little nails....

She is my sister's little cat!
We host her almost every summer...

August 9, 2013


In these hot, wet heat days, I try to keep myself busy...

- almost every morning I take a walk in "my" little park

- I ride my bike and I find some new places

- I'm reading a lot
I'm reading "L'arte di ascoltare i battiti del cuore"

And I hope that vacation arrive soon for my Mr so I'll spend some more time with him!!

August 7, 2013


…to my man, 
best friend,
love of my life,
Happy 29th!!!!

August 5, 2013

A Sunday in the mountain

While the temperature during the day is really hot, Mr and I decided to take a walk in the mountains, where was hot, but not like in the city.
Our guide was his mother...guys, we walked for about 6 hours....we were killed!!!Last night we both fell asleep about 10 p.m.....
By the way, we had great time, we saw wonderful places, and for a day we were surrounded by nature!
I took some photos, not too much because I was in low battery... :)
 I hope you're having a nice fresh Monday!!!!