April 27, 2014

What I see if I were an ant....

So, yesterday I took my camera and (as you can see), I enjoyed some time in my favourite park.
Luckly the park keeper didn't mow all the park, so I could imagine what an ant see...
Have a nice Sunday!

April 24, 2014

I really love...(April 2014)

Well, I've been away for a while...but I'm baaaack!
In this period I didn't take photos, because I didn't have the time....every evening I'm tired (do you know that on Monday 21st I started sleeping at 8:50 pm?....I'm sure that babies fall asleep later....), every afternoon I have something to do (babysitting, private lessons, ....) but this afternoon I went to say "Hello!", to my photography teacher, and...you know, I've been in his studio just for 1 hour because he had an appointment, but when I came back home, I couldn't do nothing but taking my camera...and I took photos of the flowers I have in my house!

And, here's what make me terribly happy this  month:
1) the book I'm reading, Presentimientos by Clara Sanchez
2) soaking up the very first sun of the season
3) thinking that in a month Mr and I are going to be in Amsterdam!!!!!
4) thinking about my future, I know Mr will be by my side, so, you know, "everything is gonna be alright"
5) singing in my car while I drive back home from work
6) talking with my sister
7) spending Easter with my family
8) cooking and eating asparagus risotto (deliciouos!)
9) receiving my first giveaway!!! from Larissa's blog Ce n'est que de la chance (I'm going to talk about this in a post...it deserves a post!!!)
10) spring has sprung

April 13, 2014

An afternoon with a very pleasant company....

Oh. My. God.
Is this weekend already gone?
I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday!
So, on Saturday morning I was babysitting, so I played with Barbies, little horses, I went to my personal "hair dresser", you know, a typical Saturday morning....
Then in the evening Mr and I had an amazing pizza, and then we felt asleep watching tv....we are party people! ;)


He was looking for the way to the exhibition


Street of Vicenza
Today, we went to Vicenza to visit a photo exhibition, the "Magnum Contact Sheets" ( in Palazzo Leoni Montinari), it was a very good exhibition, with a lot of informations, about the photos and about how the photographer took and chose THAT photo.
We saw all the biggest photos of the XX century:  what happened in Normandy by Robert Capa, Che Guevara pictured by René Burri, Malcolm X by Eve Arnold, Martin Luther King by Leonard Freed, Margaret Thatcher by Peter Marlow, and so on.
For every photo, you could read the story of it.
The most beautiful photos were taken by chance, just because the photographers were there.
Others were taken in a little time.

The one I liked most of all was the photo taken on the Eiffel Tower by Marc Riboud.
Just take a look.... I weren't allowed of  taking photos, but this one, is the only one I wanted to have....

"Paris, 1953. Le peintre, surnommé Zazou, est à son aise, j'avais le vertige et je fermais les yeux chaque fois qu'il se penchait pour tremper son pinceau...(The painter , known Zazou is at ease, I felt dizzy and I closed my eyes every time he leaned over to dip his brush.") From Marc Riboud's website

April 8, 2014

April Fool's Day

Well, last weekend Mr and I went very very close to decide the date of our wedding.
I found an article in a newspaper, where they say "....if you get marry by 2015 UE (Europe) will give you 25000€, because Europe wants to increase weddings".
So, I went to my Mr's home, and I said "I know this is not the most romantic reason why we could get married....but...25000 €?!?"
And we said..."Ok, let's do this!", my Mr told me to find out more things about how we could get that money, so I went to my notebook, I browsed a little bit on internet.....and I found that it was a joke.
Yes, a joke.
That article was publish on 1st April, so...it was a joke. Not a very cool joke for me, to be honest.
For the a quarter of hour when Mr and I tought we could have marry before the end of 2015...well, it really was a great sensation, and we really were happy about it.
But, never mind, it's just postponed!

April 6, 2014

Well, March....

And so, March is over, and I couldn't be more happy for April to come!
I want to breathe spring, 
to smell spring,
to look at spring.
What a wonderful season it is!

  On Tuesday I had the first run of the season...on Wednesday I wasn't able to walk, how many muscles do we have in our legs?
The good thing is that the bad part of running is gone, now running becomes something serious (that's what I want to believe....) and I'm waiting for Tuesday for my second run of 2014!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

April 3, 2014

Because spring is arrived....

"Live in each season as it passes; 
breathe the air, 
drink the drink, 
taste the fruit, 
and resign yourself to the influences of the earth." 

Henry David Thoreau

Isn't he (Henry David Thoreau) right?

Well, sorry for my absence, I'm a bit busy....but I'm coming back very soon!!!
Have a suuuupernice Friday, my dear friends!