May 31, 2015

Pack your bags: Brussel

So, Mr and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in Bruges and Brussel.
It was February.
Now that it's almost June, I can share some photos about Bruxelles! :)

I liked this city! It was windy, sunny, and we ate a lot of waffles and french fries!

Manneken Pis, the symbol of Bruxelles
Jeanneke Pis

May 26, 2015


Days are so busy!
I now know what an housewife does.
I love this kind of life, but I don't have so much time for my passions....
Don't you think my new lavender is wonderful??!
Have a very happy week!!!
I know...horrible photo...but these colours are so good together!

May 16, 2015

A week in our little "family"

Summer is slowly arriving.
Trees are full of green leaves.
Yesterday I wore my wedge heel.
On Tuesday I really had a bad bad bad day at work. And when I get angry I cry. Not a very good reaction, to be honest.
So I came home, I talked to myself, and then I talked to my Mr. When I have problems, talking to my Mr about them is always the best solution. He gives me good advices, and he makes me see things from another point of view.
Wednesday was really better.
And my Mr came home with 3 red roses and 3 red calla lily.
On Thursday I baked his favourite cake.
On Friday we ate pizza and got sleep together.

Well, I knew it would be cool living with my Mr, but reality is even better...

I took this lovely illustration here

May 9, 2015

A Sunday in Bologna

And here's the weekend again!
This means that I can take some photos, I can write some posts, I can browse my favourite blogs....
In the meantime, there's a mountain of clothes that are waiting to be ironed, in the fridge there's an echo because it's empty, there's a lot of dust on the floor, and Mr is sleeping.
But I don't care. I'm listening to some good music, and the photos I took in Bologna last Sunday are now ready to be shared with you! :)

Last Sunday Mr and I went to visit Bologna. I read about this city from this wonderful girl on her blog Via che si va (Here and here you find her posts about Bologna).
So, we really liked this city!
We ate wonderfully in Trattoria Belfiore where we ate tortellini alla bolognese and tagliatelle alla bolognese (their ragù was something great!!!)
And we strolled around this city!
Take a look!

Here's 1 of the 7 secrets of Bologna (you can find all them here): the Little Venice, in Via Piella,next to number 16, there's a small window that brings to a channel: isn't it cute?
Piazza Maggiore, with Nettuno (read here for more informations : D )

Here's another secret of Bologna: Voltone del Podestà, (sotto Palazzo del Podestà in Piazza Maggiore): it's a game, you have to take place into two opposite corner, and say something. The other one will hear you perfectly, even if you're far. Great, isn't it?
Someone in Bologna
Wonderful portico
Wonderful churches
Torre Asinelli...and we went up 498 stairs!!!
Tourists always ask Mr to take some photos of them....

Isn't a great city?