July 29, 2012

Another Sunday at the swimming pool

My boyfriend becomes my teacher during our weekend at the swimming pool.
So I can't swim, and I'm a bit afraid of the water where I can't hit the rock bottom. (I probably have to talk in past tense :))
In these two Sundays my boyfriend made the miracle!
I'm not Michael Phelps, but now I can swim one length, even where I can't hit the rock bottom.
Of course I (try to) swim the breaststroke.
You don't know how happy I am about this!
I "can" swim. 
I have a lot of Sundays to improve my breaststroke.
Today I have won my personal Olympics. And I really want to thank my coach. My boyfriend.
Have a nice Monday!!!!

July 28, 2012

I really love (July 2012)

It's the end of the month, but, it's still July!!!
So I really love....
 1) My boyfriend's gift!!!!
2) The gifts that my friends gave to me: I love plants and books, and I have received two books and a plant.
3) Swimming-pool
4) Evenings spent with friends
5) Riding my bike
6) Listening to "Don't stop me now" and "We're the champions" of Queen while I'm driving to work
7) "My" job (I'll work there untill November!!!;))
8) Mozzarella, tomatoes and basil as dinner
9) Dreaming about my future with my boyfriend
10) This blog

July 25, 2012

The gift is arrived!!!!!!

You know, I'm very obsessed with Christmas....
And today, 5 months till Christmas, this little baby girl is arrived.
And we can't wait for learning how to use it!!!!

July 19, 2012


.....I turned 27.
I love my birthday, but I don't like to make a  party for it. So just my family and a small dinner. And a cake (not the one above ; )).
When I was young, I thought that a girl who was 27 was a woman, and I thought that just because you were 27, you were cool.
Today I don't feel so cool.
But I feel fine.
The path I have taken is fit for me.
I have a boyfriend that I love with all my heart, that is always by my side.
My sister and my mother are my family. And I love them.
I have so many friends that show me their love, and that want me in their lives.
I have a job that I like.
I have a blog, and I have met so many fantastic girls!!!
And I have so many plans for the future.
So, I think this is a HAPPY birthday!!!

July 17, 2012

My boyfriend's tastes

So, this Sunday we went out to soak up the sun.
This is the way I think about my boyfriend (in a very sweety way....):
on the other hand, that's the way he would like to see me.... (a little more aggressive .....)
... so he made these wonderful tattoos on my skin.....
Do you like them????

P.S: I'm not planning to do a tattoo (expecially one of these!!!!!)

July 14, 2012

Have a nice weekend!

Of course, I'm not here (it's a photo of Antigua, you can find it here), but if I close my eyes..... : )
Have a nice weekend!

July 9, 2012

Around here

It's really hot here, so we spent our Sunday afternoon at a park:
...... and yes, I really really love this man!

July 8, 2012

I'm going to bring some nature into my office

As you know, I started working.
And as you know, I love nature.
That's why tomorrow I'm going to bring some nature into my office.

July 5, 2012

July 4, 2012


I love summer.
Tomorrow I would like to be here.

p.s: I need the life jacket, because I cannot swim, but I'm working on it! ; )

July 2, 2012

Paris, part un

Unluckly I didn't get a lot of photos with my camera.
But the wedding pictures will arrive soon!!!
The bride gave me the honor to get the photos of this event with her fantastic camera!!! So I made a lot of photos but with her camera (that camera is FANTASTIC!!!!!!).... you just have to wait and you will see her with her fantastic wedding dress....
....but!!! we were in Paris, and we had a great time with great and new friends!!!
Here's some photos, but, others will arrive, soon!!!!
Before wedding
YAHOOOOOO!!!! after wedding
If I have to be honest, I didn't jump to get it. No, because it's not arrive our wedding time yet.
But the bride gave it to me. And I couldn't be more happier. : )
See you soon for other photos!!!