February 28, 2016

And I still believe that the best is yet to come

Tomorrow Mr and I are going to celebrate our 2nd/ 8th anniversary, but I'll be in Rome for a class (very very happy about this).

So, thank you for these 8 years together, my love, I love you to the moon and back.
Thank you for your smiles.
Thank you for your flowers, texts, "goodnight and goodmorning kisses", thank for taking out the garbage, and for planning our trips, thank you for your support, and for making me smile.
Thank you for being as you are.
And I still believe that the best is yet to come.
Santorini 2008
Tenerife 2009
Baselga di Pinè 2010
Krk 2011
Copenhagen 2012
London 2013
Amsterdam 2014
Crete 2014
Italy 2015

February 24, 2016

"Le avventure della pice" meets "Ce n'est que de la chance" :)

Do ou remember when Mr and I went to Berlin last November?
Well, something special happened....
We met a wonderful girl, Rosa, that I first met on her nice blog "Ce n'est que de la chance"
It was so so so good spending a morning together!
I heard her voice for the first time, we really talk about a lot of things...it was like we know each other since so much time!
This is probably the best memory that I have about our journey in Berlin!

We met in Berlin, and we had a stroll through a fabric market.
We were talking each other, and it was snowing...well it really was magical!
Then we had a coffee and we talked and talked, she was there with her wonderful baby girl...while I was talking to her, I was thinking she was so good, so calm, she was a perfect mother, and a great person, I was very lucky to meet her!!
This is the power of the web!

I really hope we will meet again in the future!

February 21, 2016

One year in our house!

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone!
One year ago, Mr and I started our lives in our new house.
We packed our lives and start living together as a "family".
After one year, I can say that I'm really really happy to live with him.

During this year:
I broke a lot of glasses
I planted a loooot of plants
I cooked lots of vegetables
We had a lot of dinners with friends
We got engaged
We spent our first Christmas
We are planning our wedding.

So, this year has been good to us.
I just want to have so more time for us.

Here's some photos of our first year in our house:
the sky

Our breakfast
Our blackboard
Choosing the best guide
Wardrobe arrived in July!!

I think I should update this little blog more, but, to be honest, after a day spent in the office in front of my pc, in the evening the only thing I want is to do something far from technlogy!
I wish you a very happy Sunday!