July 31, 2013

Summer lazy days

Yesterday my camera received two little gifts, thanks to my "photo-teacher"....I didn't use my "little girl" for two weeks, so yesterday I took some photos...

I'm trying to be busy...I think I'll work a lot on this little blog, and on vacation, and on photos, and on my future, and on travels....oh!so many things to do!!!
Have a nice day!!!

July 27, 2013

Last night in Trieste

On July 25th we went to visit "La Grotta Gigante" (= Huge Cave) ...it was amazing, fantastic, awesome...well, I fell in love with this cave!!! There were 11 degrees....I don't like cold, but in Trieste there were very hot days....
I took some photos with my mobile...the quality is not sooo good, but...I'm in love with that cave!
This cave "was born" millions of years ago, thanks to Timavo river...but if you are interest in the history of this place, let's visit they website (they will surely explain better  than me all about this cave!)
Then we  saw a wonderful landscape, not so far from "La Grande Grotta"...
 And then we had a pizza, our "last-course-dinner"!

Now I can say that it has been a very beautiful adventure!This month is passed very fast, and I met fantastic and nice people!
I sometimes felt homesick, I sometimes felt lost (especially in the first period), but the most important thing is that I felt fine, and...I'm really grown up!
So thank you Trieste, and SAS!

July 23, 2013

Last week in Trieste

Oh finally this royal baby is arrived!!
I must confess....I follow what happen to the royal family (especially William and Kate), because I think they are nice guys...I think they're in love, and I love Kate's style! And now I'm very happy for their little baby boy!!!
And now, let's come back to Trieste.....
This is (luckly), my last week here....I want to come back home because of Mr, and because my life is in Padua, because these lessons are becoming very difficult, and I'm almost tired of trying learning in a few days what people learn in some months.....but I will (probably) love Trieste forever because here, I felt for the first time free.
I had to made new friends, to search a market (stupid but very useful thing), to search everything....sometimes I got lost (in every sense), but now, I feel more confident in myself, and I think that the future has something good for me!
Here's my last "outfits"!  And yes, yesterday I ran! ;)

July 20, 2013

...and on my 28th birthady Trieste looked like home

Happy Saturday to youuuu!!!!
I'm very very happy because I'm going to stay in Trieste for my last week!!!!
By the way....Thursady 18th was my birthday....and I received a huge present....
.....my Mr came in Trieste!!!
Oh yes!!!And suddenly Trieste looked like home.... :) Anyway, Mr and I visited Miramare Castle, then we ate a pizza and then he came back home..... it was a very very good way for celebrate a birthday!
I think we could have a room like this in our future home....
Have a nice and happy Saturday too all of you!!!

July 17, 2013

It's tomorrow

Our lesson doesn't start (I don't know why) so I think I can write down a post!
Tomorrow I'll be 28. YES. 28.
I'm growing up and I think it's time for making a lot of things: it's time for changes, it's time for travelling, it's time for doing interesting things...
I'm thankful for all the wonderful, awesome, fantstic people and things that I have in my life, and I couldn't deserve more.
But, come on 28, I know the best is yet to come.


July 13, 2013

Do you wanna know how Trieste looks like?

Here's some photos I took in these two weeks!!
So the second week is gone, and I'm in the half of this adventure.
I met fantastic people, I'm understanding something more about SAS, but I cannot wait for coming back home.
I'm loving my freedom, but I want to live it with my Mr, as soon as possible! (how many time do I have tell this to you?hahahahaha!)
By the way, now I focus on:
- tonight: a concert of Jovanotti, an Italian singer
- the next week: my birthday is coming!and my Mr will come to Trieste to celebrate it with me! (Isn't he the best Mr all over the world?)

Have a nice weekend!!

July 10, 2013

Updates from Trieste

Hi everybody!!!!
So, here, time is passing by (luckly), and tomorrow is already Thursday!!
Some days are bad, and others are good...yesterday I was down, not for living here, but because I understand almost nothing of lessons....I never studied macro, sql....I just need time to understand these arguments....but I don't have time, that's why sometimes I'm down!
But on the other side, I'm very lucky because I've met awesome guys and girls!
Yesterday evening we had an ice-cream and we visited Trieste by night...it's a simple but cool way of spending an evening... (to be honest, if Mr would have been by my side yesterday night, everything would have looked more more interesting, but while we are far....).
Today I run, and I felt home.
So that's all!
Another week is going to finish, and believe me, thinking "tomorrow is Friday, so I come back home, is one of the most wonderful thing!"
My "what-I-wore-routine" goes on!hahahaha!
 Trieste looks great, by day and by night (sorry for the photos, but seriously, this city is wonderful!)