January 31, 2012

Lipstick on "my" shirt

After studying I went to Zara, and I found a beautiful white shirt.
I tried it on. Perfect.
 But!!! There was lipstick on it!!!!
I tried to go to the cash desk ( for bargaining :)), but there were too many people ..... so I came home, but,
in your opinion, could I ask for a discount?

I really love reading (part III)

Yesterday evening I finished to read this book:
And I think it's a good book. It's a bit strange, but the writer is so smart, fine and deep. I like this book!

January 30, 2012

Last Sunday of January

In this weekend I ate TOO much!!! So yesterday I walk in my favourite park ( without boyfriend because he wasn't fine!!), and I took some photos ....

It was very  very cold ....


Then I went to my boyfriend, and we played "Guess who?" ....
..... and he won : ) ,  and then we played "Monopoly" .....
.... and I won!!!! : )

January 29, 2012


Narcissus has blossomed!!!! (twice!)

Soccer (Sorry Boyfriend)

Yesterday my boyfriend and I rooted for two different soccer clubs. 
And I won.
: )

January 28, 2012

No more cold feet

My feet are ALWAYS cold. ALWAYS.
Yesterday I went to Accessorize and I saw them.
A lot of slippers discounted by 70%. Not so many pair of small.
Then my friend Gio found this:
They were so warm, so soft, so well-made ....
And they came home with me.

January 27, 2012


Yesterday evening I had a dinner with this wonderful girls!!! (this pictures is a little bit old, but we are still the same, even  if one of us is become a mother, my cousin has moved with her boyfriend, and I..... I'm going to finish university, this is my big event!!!!)
We met about 5-6 years ago, because we worked together for a company that organizes events (mainly concerts) our work was helping people to find their seats .... a very conceptual work ( hahahahaha!!! ) ... but we met and we found so fine together that we continue to see us!!!
Now I have to go to talk about my paper with my Professor, so see you later!!!!
If you want, go here and vote for Pia of Odds and Ends! She's so nice!!! ;)

January 26, 2012


 Do you remember this (no tecnocasa brochure, of course)?
Now it looks like this!!!
I think this is SOMEHOW a good picture
It's blooming!!!!!
I think (I really really hope!!!) spring is around the corner!!

January 25, 2012


Yesterday night I felt a earthquakes. It's a strange sensation, it was as if someone was moving the bed (with me inside)...... no good.
This morning another earthquakes. Longer. No no good. I don't like it.
But!!!! I even have a good news!
From now on, I have a pen pal!!!! As I told you, I love receiving mails, so this is a wonderful thing for me!!!
I shoot an email to Amira and I've being paired with another blogger!!!my pen pal!!!

January 24, 2012


Yesterday I went to my herbalist's shop, to buy my face cream, I love this one, it's fantastic!

They gave me a lot of cream and body shower samples ..... I LOVE!!!!!
So I came back home, I took a shower and I tried one of the samples, this one....
 .... made with Chianti and extract of red wine .......WHAT??????????
Do you know? I seemed to take a shower with a bigbabol ..........hahahaha!!!