June 29, 2013

I'm leaving!

Luggage are almost ready. Tomorrow morning I have to put in the last things, and then I'll be ready.
Today I cried just two/three thousand times, and I'm sure I will call myself "stupid" in two days, because I will love having my own freedom and living away from here. And, yes, growing up.
I'll miss a lot my Mr.
But Friday I'll meet him again!
Let the countdown starts!
Trieste, I'm coming!

June 27, 2013

(Very) back in time! Pack your bags!!!Barcelona!

The first long holiday Mr and I had, was in Barcelona, (end of July 2008), when we visited her sister that was studing in this amazing city! (She hosted us in her apartment).
It was the second time that I flew, (I'm scared of flying), and when the airplane took off, I started crying.
Mr and I still remember laughing this funny-fantastic-nice fact!! (I don't laugh so much, I'm still scared)...
Warning!!I had no reflex, I knew nothing about photography, I took only 68 photos for 5 days... so, don't aspect wonderful and artistic photos....plus....Mr and I were a little younger then now....and Mr looked a little different from now...but!!the city is amazing!!
Let's take a look!
Casa MilĂ 
Parc Guell
Mr at Parc Guell (yes, long hair!)
Parc Guell
Too fashion?
I don't remember...sorry!
The church of the mount Tibidabo
Sagrada Familia
Arc de Triomf
Par e la Ciutadella

Back home

June 26, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

In these days, I'm relaxing.
I'm looking for an accomodation in Trieste (if you have some advices, let me know!!), but for a lot of time, I'm using my time for taking photos, reading, running, biking, painting my nails, sleeping (I really sleep a lot!), discovering things that my smartphone can do....wow!
Here's some photos I took yesterday
I like roofs and chimneys!
Dear ISO...hiehiehie
My super bicycle
Have a nice day!!!

June 24, 2013

It's just a month. It's just a month. It's just a month. It's just a month. It's just a month.

Let's start from the beginnig.
I was tired of being in an internship where I was learning nothing, (do you remember?) and almost every evening I was looking for a job.
And something like a job, is arrived.
When I told to my boss that I was interrupting my internship because I found a new job, I was lying, because I had no job.
The day after I had a job proposal, then a job interview, and they got me.
I cannot think nothing but "oh my God, oh my God!!"
I have to follow (for free) a course of SAS that is something like a statistician software.
For the whole month of July.
In Trieste.
Yes, I am scared.
I've never lived alone, and far away from home.
You say, "At last, you can grow up!". And you're right. I know I'll thank SAS for this experience, probably, for the rest of my life.
And, it's just a month. (I repeat this in my mind every time), to be honest is less then a month, it's about 20 days....ok, I think I can do it...
I even think I can take a lot of photos there! this city doesn't seem so bad...

June 22, 2013


Happy second day of summer!!!
A lot of things are happening around these parts!
I'm going to share them with you during this week!
Now, have a great weekend!

June 19, 2013

Fortes fortuna adiuvat

Confession time!!!
Oh yeeees!!!!!
I'm going to leave my internship. But, this time, I'm not going to start another one. Or I'm not going to start a job.
So, why did I leave this internship?
Because I was wasting my time. I met some fantastic girls, but I wasn't happy about the work I was doing (to be honest....nothing, and with nothing, I mean nothing), and I couldn't look for a real job, because at the evening I was tired.
I always left an internship/job, for another, because I was afraid to not find a job.
But they say: "fortune favors the bold"...so probably I'll take more care about this blog, probably I'm going to give some private lessons, or I'm going to "study" photography waiting for the right job...I really don't know what I'm going to do. And probably, for the first time, I'm not too scared about it.

June 16, 2013

(You make me feel like) a natural woman

Today Mr and I went to visit a little park, and then we decided to walk trough the streets of Padua, where we live.....and while we were walking, I thought "Well, if Padua wasn't be the city where I live, I'd probably fall in love with it"...and that's why I decided that I'm going to write a/some post/s about my wonderful city! But not this time....
This weekend is flown away too fast...on Saturday I get a beautiful tan! (to be honest, I'm red like Sebastian, the crab friend of Ariel, The little Mermaid....), then we had a great dinner with friends, and today after watching at some episodes of "How I met your mother", we decided to get out of the house, because....summer is finally arrived!!!
And we visited parco treves, where I had a very awesome model...

Here's some photos!
I still have some problems with the light...but I'm working on it, as you can see!
The background is out of focus....while my model is thinking about his happy things...
I light on the light!

As we saw this umbrella....we looked one each other.....we both thought about A YELLOW UMBRELLA.....as friends of us, do you think we should stop to watch at "How I met your mother"?