June 18, 2015

30 to 30s

And so, this is how the last month of my twenties starts:
- yesterday evening I cried a looot because I finished reading "The Fault in Our Stars", I don't think I'm going to watch the movie, to be honest (Tonight I'm gonna start reading 20,000 Under the Sea, I'm almost sure I'm not gonna cry with this book....)
- I like the house I'm living, soon we're having a wardrobe! (now we put our clothes on a stand....), what I like most, are the photos and pictures we took from every place we visited, and that are hanged on the wall of our living room! (For some of them I have to find the perfect frame)
- happy and funny faces from my Mr when I wake him up in the morning
- I'm waiting for eating some blackberries from my terrace
- I decided I'm going to iron only what really needs to be ironed (this is a loooong story between me and the iron....)
- I'm happy that I have to wait only for 20 Fridays and then it'll be Christmas!
- I decided I'm going to post a photo everyday for the next 30 days, just for saying "goodbye" to my twenties! (I don't know if I'll post here the photos on on my IG account...)

-....I'll go sleeping, you know, I'm getting old!!!

Venice, probably the best city in the world. I think my first short trip took place in Venice

June 13, 2015

A walk through towns

Mr and I decided that it's time for knowing better where we're living.
So we started visiting Villa Barbaro in the town of Maser in Treviso.
It's a villa built by Andrea Palladio in the period between 1554 and 1560, with Paolo Veronese's frescos-- amazing!!!!!!
The nice thing is that this wonderful villa is inhabited! Lucky them!
We weren't allowed to take photos inside the villa, so I took some in the park....

The house next to the villa
The park of villa Barbaro
The villa (yes, this image is crooked)

Then we decided it was time to walk and visit another town, so we went to the town of San Zenone degli Ezzelini.

The red church

June 2, 2015

A ride along river Tergola

Yesterday we celebrated our 100th day in our house.
We bought some flowers, because everything looks better with flowers around.
Life now is really full of everything.
Full of work, full of cooking, of cleaning, of meeting our parents, of taking care of your boyfriend.
Let me tell you, now life is amazing!!!!

Last weekend Mr and I took a ride with our bicycles along the river Tergola, well I was amazed by the sky and even by nature!
It's amazing living in a world like this!