November 30, 2012

30th November

Today I'm happy because:
- Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER, that means that CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!!
- Tomorrow I start my Advent calendar
- It's Friday evening
- Today I didn't talk with my boss, because I'm not so brave.....on Monday I'm going to talk with him!!!Promise!!!!
- I have a job interview next week!
- My nail polish is so fashion!
- I'm going to spend the entire weekend with boyfriend!!!!!!!(I've got an Advent calendar even for him.....hihihihihihi)
- It's going to be very cold outside, I don't like cold, but I love cuddles, blankets, hot chocolate.....
.....I wanna be here.......with Santa and the Elfs!!!!!

November 29, 2012

Little update before work

I love her haircut!!!!!
Have a nice day!!!
And think about me!!!!!

November 28, 2012


.....I share a secret with you!!!
In these two days I didn't go to work. I told them that I was ill (I hate do this kind of things!!!!) and I went to look for a job. Yesterday in Venice and today here, in Padua. And tomorrow I'm going to tell them that I leave the internship.
Despite of all your advice, despite of what my mind tells me, I want to follow my sensations, that always say the true.
So here I am, looking for a job...again!!!
Yesterday I went to Venice with one of my cousins, this one:
And if I were a little bit more brave, I would cut my hair like her!!!!!!!
I'm thinking about it.........

November 26, 2012


I can finally say this.....
Life lately, according not to my iphone, but to my galaxy (and instagram, of course!!!)
Sunday morning
What I see when I go to work in the morning
Two of my plants!

November 25, 2012

I really love.... (November 2012)

1) Hot hot showers
2) Just one month before Christmas comes!!!!
3) Singing while driving home
4) To hope that the best is yet to come
5) My new ringtone
6) Instagram, twitter, shazam, whatsapp, (thank you smartphone!!!)
7) My supporting-boyfriend
8) "How I met your mother", I could watch it for hours....
9) Caps, better if homemade
10) My breakfast: 2 rusks with pear jam and 2 biscuits with milky coffee

November 24, 2012

... because statisticans do it better!!!

Yesterday no work -> Such a great great day!!!!!!! (Infact yesterday was a sunny day!!!)
In the afternoon I went to the graduation of two friends of mine and it was one of the most amazing afternoon I have ever had!!!!It's so wonderful spending time with people who knows you, that spent bad and good moments with you (Universitary exams, Wednesday evenings,...), I laughed and talked so much and I today I couldn't be happier!!!!!
We're growing up so fast.
We're looking for a job, and some of us thinks that leave Italy could be the best solution to find one (actually currently I agree with them....)
We're in love: in our group there's a lot of couples, (because statisticans do it better), and much of them are moved in togher!!!
This is not a very good period for me, but yesterday night I was at home, and there's nothing better for me!
Thank you all, statisticans!!!

November 20, 2012

I need your advice!

Today I'm a little bit angry and down, and I have to talk to somebody (boyfriend already knows everything....)

I came home at 7:40 pm.
At 7:40 am I got into the car and I drove to work. Exactly 12 hours.
What did I do at work today?
Nothing. And with nothing I really mean nothing.
I don't know if I have to go on with this internship.
The biggest part of the expenses refunded they give me flies away in petrol.
And, because I'm learning nothing, I can't write this working experience on my curriculum.....
Plus: my future will not be in this firm because they will not employ me (they already told me this, of course)
If you were me, what would you do?
Do I have to leave the firm or do I have to stay there until I find something else?

November 18, 2012


Today boyfriend and I went to's some photos!!! 

 .... this afternoon with boyfriend was all I need!!!!
We walked a lot, we took photos, we laughed, we talked... we spent a "normal" afternoon!
Boyfriend is really good with camera! (Good for me!!!)
Have a nice week!

November 17, 2012

November 13, 2012

Day 4th

No, because the first day, everything was beautiful and ok.
The second, third, and fourth one.....for 8 hours I did NOTHING.
Because nobody teaches me nothing, and when i ask if I can help someone, nobody says "Yes!come here!I need your help".
Yes, these are the first days. I know, I have to wait.
I'll wait, but.....
: )
Plus, today I went to the outlet, and in my mind this is how I would look like..
.....I'm not able to find a rapresentative picture of how I was whe I came I bought nothing, and, you know, to me, it's very strange........
Anyway, things could be worse.
Let's be postive!!!! (and let's look around, let's think we're going straight to Christmas' time.... )

November 8, 2012

Day n°1

I'm tired but happy.
Thank you for listening to my thoughts, for being supportive with me when I'm down.
You're the best followers I could desire!

November 7, 2012

In these days....

......I learned from my mother that in a house, you can ALWAYS find something to clean. ALWAYS
......I watched a lot of sit com, and I love them (How I meet your mother, Scrubs, Private Practice,....)
......I walked a lot!
......I made a lot of window shop. Yes, I bought nothing. Nothing (High five for me!!!)
......I fell in love with hats
......I discovered new blogs
......I asked to boyfriend to visit London (thanks to this lovely girl, and to this movie, and for other reasons...)...and in February, we'll fly there!!!
......I learned how to use Instagram
So, I loved these days, and now I'm ready to start!!!
Photo taken along a street in Padua

November 6, 2012


These are sunny days!!!!!
So yesterday I took my camera and went to "my" park!!!
Here's some amazing autumn color!!!!!!!!

November 5, 2012

Serious post

Honestly, I'm a little bit scared of the new adventure I'm going to start.
The firm I'm going to work it's very big, famous, and ... far from home. I have to drive EVERY single morning for one hour, and one hour for coming back home at the evening. Plus, I don't know how will be the people I'm going to work with.
So if I stop and I start to think about everything, I become anxious, nervous.
But, maths learned me one important thing: when your problem is complex, try to divide it into little simple problems, and you'll be able to resolve it.
That's why I'm starting to make some cds for my long travels.
That's why I'm looking for a new car.
That's why I stay positive, and I think I could find some people like Ted, Lily, Marshall of How I met your mother, or Ross and Chandler of Friends.
That's why I think these next six months will fly away.
So, thank you maths.

November 3, 2012

Scroll down

I made it!
Now you can see instagram on my blog!!!!!!!!!
Can you see it?
Scroll down, down.
On your left.
There it is!!!
Now, can you see my first two photos?
And I'm very proud of it!!!!

November 2, 2012

When I was young

When I was young, the 1st day of November, to me, was the first day of winter.
We put on our brand new jackets, then we went to cemetery to say "hello" to our loved ones, and, when evening came, we went to my grandparents to stay with my uncles, aunts and cousins.
Me, when I was a young girl
But in 2000 something has changed. My daddy is flown up in the sky, and since that year, on 1st November I don't like to put on new jacket and go to cemetery.
That's why yesterday I took a walk in "my" park, I saw my friends, and I went to my grandpapa to stay a little bit with him!
And the evening I saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", but as usually I fell asleep.

PS: Thank to my smartphone, I can tell you that I love this song