March 28, 2015

Crete: Preveli Beach and Palm Forest

Ehm, ehm....
I've been away from home for a whole loooong week!
Because of the type of my professional contract I have to follow a lot of professional courses, and this week I was away because of one of this.

But, to be honest, I'm thinking about holidays. I need to have some me-time, I want to soak up the sun and visit wonderful places.
I wrote some posts about Crete (a month ago), because I loved that country, and I would suggest you what you should visit if you go there!

....just yesterday evening a dear friend asked me about Crete!

Here's Preveli!
We visited the Monastery, and then we went to the beach, and even to the Palm Forest. Mr was very adventurous, and we took a stroll in the Palm Forest, here's some photos!
Happy spring weekend!

A funny face was spying me....

If you visit Preveli Beach, I suggest to take with you a pair of sneakers!

March 21, 2015


Here we go with the first photos of our travel in Bruges!
Well, I loved that city...if I were a writer, I would locate a story in Bruges.
Because it's magic...
... when it rains and when the sun shines
... because of all the chocolate shops
... because of all the swans
... because of all that coloured houses
... because of all the channels
... because of all the churches
... because of all the bridges
... because of all the bicycles.

Here's my Bruges.

If you need some advice...
We arrived at the airport of Charleroi, and we arrived in Bruges by bus
We stayed at  Hotel Ter Brughe (very good and nice hotel, I recomend it, and very good breakfast)
We had great dinner: at De Poulin and Dell'Arte
My Mr enjoyed some good beer at Beer Atelier

When we travel, we usually have small and fast lunches, eating sandwiches (we ate great ones from Panos in Bruges)