February 27, 2013

London, we're coming!

Almost everything is ok.
Our luggage, (wool sweater for being hot, waterproof boots)
Our smatphone (without roaming, we will love to find some wi fi places).
Our camera (with load battery)
Our itinerary (Notting Hill, British Museum, Hyde Park, King's Cross, Westminster's Abbey......)
So, see you in a couple of days.

February 26, 2013

Lazy lazy days

The title isn't very truthful.
Nothing special really happened around these part....
- I'm "studing again" statistical for some private lessons (it sounds strange, but NOW I'm understanding what I've studied for so many year....cool, isn't it? And, as I always knew, statistical is great. I just have a confermation).
- Then I voted. Yes, I did it, but to be honest, I understand NOTHING about politics, and I NOW hate all the politicians of my country. That's all I have to say about this.
- My Mr made me a "legendary" gift....the first season of "How I met your mother"!!!!!!! All I desire is a pouring-rain-day, my Mr and my tv/pc for watching all the season!!! (Mr you already knew that I love you, but if it's possible, now I love you more than before!!!) Of course, in these days we are greeting a little preview of spring.... :), anyway I did my best for watching a lot of episodes!!!
- I'm "studing" for our trip to London!!!!! I want to visit every corner of that city!!!!! ;)
- I'm cooking, and reading, and taking care of my plants, and trying to look for an apartment for Mr and I (just for fun, I guarantee!) oooh how I love those little things that can enhance a day!

I don't remeber where I took this image... :(

February 22, 2013

Six things

In these days I'm at home.
Untill March 4th I'm not going to work.
And can I tell you something? It's wonderful being and staying at home.

In these three days:

- I met a friend for a long long coffee, and for long talks

- It snowed! And I'm not working! This means paradise!!! So....I put on my fake-hunter-pair-of-boots, and I walked under the snow, I don't know why I love so much snow...

- I finally finished to read "The casual vacancy", and I can say that it's a very good book, even if it's not captivating from the beginning

- I'm tired about politics

- I ate the salad that I had planted (I'm so proud!!, and yes, it tastes good, yes!)

- My brother made me a wonderful "morning gift"... (he wrote my name on the windshield of my car), and this is a very very good way for starting a Friday morning

Have a magic weekend!!!!!!!!!!

February 21, 2013

Mr has a possible "plan B"

.......if you will see a photo like this.....

.........the model could be Mr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you can laugh, I laughed a lot when he told me this!
But then I think...What about his next step in this fashion world?
Then the only possible option, for him in this world, came into my mind....

And here it is...

Have a nice evening!!!

February 19, 2013

And I will love to see that day

Today was my last day at the firm.
Soon I'm going to start another internship with another firm.
But today, thank to all of you and to my Mr, I feel very fine. I'm tired but fine.
I exactly know what really metters for me, and to be honest, it's not work. I think work will be an important part of my life, but not my life.
When I was young and thought of an "older" version of me (27/28 years), I imagined myself not in this point of my life. In my dreams, I should have had a work, a lovely man, and I should have being probably expecting a child.
Well, I have a lovely man.
And a  LOT of plans for my future. A lot of hope, of dreams, of adventures, of people that I can meet, of places that I want to visit. When I was young I didn't think about these things.
But, do you wanna know?
They are the best part of my life. (Of course, each one includes Mr)
I think I could never ask for more.

February 17, 2013

"We put our feet just where they had, had to go"

This weekend started in a very good way.
I had a "Valentine's dinner" with my Mr, that gave me a wonderful bouquet of 5 fantastic roses.
As you all know, I LOVE FLOWERS (and plants. And books. And clothes, and....anyway, I LOVE FLOWERS.)

Then, on Saturday I went out with my friends for a Brasilian dinner.
It has been a wonderful evening, full of little talks and of good food (yees, I loved it!!this is a miracle, because I don't usually like the cookings of other countries...)

Today my Mr and I went to say "hello!" to the sea for the first time of this 2013!
It was sunny and it was not too cold.
And we walked and talked about so many things: our friends, our future, our future time in London, we laughed, and sang (not too loud)...I don't know how he does it, but when I'm with my Mr, I feel so fine, in a way that I can't explain...

I hope you had a great weekend too!!!

PS: I don't know why, but I was unable to load photos with instagram. So I uninstall it, and I'm back! But with a new nickname!
@beinam is the new one!If you want, you can follow me there!

PPS: The title is taken from the song "Postcards from Italy", Beirut

February 14, 2013

Hey! It's Valentine 's day!!!

Before meeting my Mr I have never celebrated Valentine's day. Because I was lonely.
When I was lonely, I thought "when I'll have a boyfriend, I'll always celebrate this day", and this is what I'm trying to do.
I know it's a "commercial day", I know that "everyday should be Valentine's day", and so on, but....why can't I celebrate my love for Mr EVEN on Valentine's day???

To be honest, for us even tomorrow is like Valentine's day....because 5 years ago we got our first kiss......

Kiss in Barcelona, July 2008
Kiss in Athens, October 2008
Kiss in Tenerife, October 2009
Kiss in Malta, September 2010
Kiss in KRK, September 2011
Kiss in Copenhagen, May 2012

Kiss in Florence, November 2010
Kiss in Paris, May 2011
Happy kiss for Mr in Paris, May 2011
Kiss in Venice, November 2012
I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!!!!
Of course, with your Valentine!!!!

PS: For this post, I took inspiration from this blog .....she has so many fantastic ideas!!!!

February 11, 2013

Yes ladies, we've got it...an almost happy post!!!

I've loved this Monday, because:

1) This lovely girl writes a comment on my post. You must know that when I find a comment from all of you, I feel very very fine, and happy! So this week started in a right way, thank you Lauren!

2) At 10:00 in the morning the first snowflake had fallen down. And now (10 pm) they are still falling!!!!

3) I probably have a GOOD job news. But I wait until I signed something (keep your finger crossed)

4) I came out work early, because of snow

5) I walked under the snow. I. LOVE. SNOW. And yes, I hope it keeps snowing all night long, so tomorrow morning I cannot go to work, and I can play (and taking photos) with snow.

 This is what I see from the window of my bathroom.
How can't I love snow?
Have a dreamy night!

February 9, 2013

So, nothing really new around this part, more or less

In these days I have a terrible cold, that the thing I love most (besides Mr), is sneezing.
This February isn't start in a very good way: grandpa is in hospital, sometimes he is fine, sometimes he is bad, so I'm always looking at the phone.
The POSITIVE thing of all this bad situation, is that I have the proof that we are a very big, bulky, connected family.
I already knew this, but it's quite good having a confirmation.

Today I saw this wonderful painting, and it makes me smile and thinking about spring and all the wonderful colours, so I'm gonna share it with you:

Blossom Time by Lam Duc Manh

 Have a nice Saturday!

February 7, 2013


The negative period goes on.
And boyfriend tries to make it happy with a bouquet of my favourite flowers...

February 4, 2013

A thought during my lunch break

POSITIVE THING OF THE DAY: an unexpected mail from a girl that made the last days in the first firm where I worked (I know, I changed too many firms, but it's not totally my fault!!!), more funny and more happy!!! And she's going to graduate!In two days!!!!

Anyway...today during my lunch break, I made a walk, and I thought about Didi, the little doggy of yesterday.
I thought about all the love a dog can give to a person. Yesterday, while Mr was driving to home, Didi got almost slept in my arms. I felt on cloud nine.
Today I thought about how wonderful could be coming back home, and find a little dog that can give you all the love in the world.
But, as you all know, I'm working on it.....

February 3, 2013


My recipe for a good Sunday:
- Mr and I
- Sunny weather
- A local city to visit
- A little dog......
and....this is what happend today:
Asolo, February 3rd 2013

We took a little break... (pane e porchetta.....ci trattiamo bene!)

 I know, there are too many photos, but..... I saw a wonderful sunset, Didi (the little doggy, that belongs to a Mr's cousin) has been great for the whole day, the weather was good, and we "breathed" an air of calm and tranquillity while we walked around and visited "la Rocca", and now I'm ready to start a new week....