September 26, 2012

I want them

If I had this wonderful bat peg clips, I would LOVE putting the washing on the line!!!!

September 24, 2012

This weekend passed too fast

Saturday: I change my summer wardrobe to autumn and winter (soooo many dark dresses....)then in the afternoon while I was soaking up the sun, I finished to read my book "Mockingjay", and I really really loved it!!!
Sunday: I took my bike for a ride, and in the afternoon I went to a Medioeval feast with boyfriend, and I bought some honey.
While I was biking I found a chestnut along the road.
I picked up it. My mum says that the first chestnut of the season, keeps away from you every illness.
Yesterday evening my boyfriend had fever, but I didn't.
Thumbs up for chestnuts!

September 22, 2012

I really love... (September 2012)

1. My new printing: yesterday I dressed up like this nice girl!!
2. Fresh air
3. It's cold enough for a cup of tea
4. My bearded boyfriend (yes, the beard is here again!!!)
5. Running
6. The florist I met yesterday while I bought a houseplant for a friend
7. My bangs
8. This song that I danced with my boyfriend in my kitchen):
9. Finding emails from friends
10. Looking at the past and thinking that today is better than yesterday

September 17, 2012

During this last weekend of summer....

.... I made a cake with hazelnuts (that I picked up from my grandpa's tree):
 .... I finished to read a funny book (thank you friends for your gift!!!)
.....I ate a pizza with boyfriend and his mama
.....I went running
.....I soaked up the last sun of this summer (reading the book)
.....I worked (see last post)
......and today is already Monday!!!
Have a nice week!

September 16, 2012

Do you wanna know why I don't frequently update my blog?

Because I have to work for my Professor. And I work during the evenings and during weekends.
This is a parish register of 1816 where all the births of that year are written . My work is to copy in excel all these births (the period of years that I have to copy starts in 1816 and ends in 1870 . . .)
This isn't a very difficult work, but it's very long! Because during the day I work in a firm.
That's why (in this period) I don't update frequently my blog.

: (

September 10, 2012

Deep thoughts

I really don't remember what I was thinking about when I made took this photo. I remember I was waiting for my boyfriend that went to the toilet, and I made took some photos trying to do something and not getting bored.
If you see this expression on my face now, it will mean these things:
1. Will I stay in the firm where I'm working, for a looong time? (I really hope so!!)
2. Today I waxed my legs: will be sunny on Sunday?
3. I have to finish to read the book I'm reading because my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious boyfriend gave me Mockingjay, the Third book of Hunger Games, as a present!!! And I cannot wait for reading it!
4. Am I going to eat some raspberries since I planted them on my terrace this summer?
5. I made a bet with myself: I haven't to spend my money buying clothes for the next  month (until October 1st).....this will be a very long month................
I know, these are very deep thoughts, I know.....that's why, now I'm going to sleep!!!

September 8, 2012

Sometimes in Italian, sometimes in English

.... I don't know why, but writing in English is better, for me. It's more difficult, but I prefer it!!!
So, today I'm going to have another wedding (wedding n°1, wedding n°2)!!
The last for this year!!!
Nobody knows when we're going to celebrate ours!!!! ; )
Anyway, have a nice weekend!!!

September 5, 2012

Un weekend per usare il nuovo regalo

Dopo 21 anni in cui OGNI settembre ricominciavo a studiare, questo sarà il primo settembre della mia vita in cui non dovrò entrare a scuola o all'università ogni singolo giorno. Il primo settembre in cui non dovrò studiare, in cui potrò godermi ogni singolo weekend.
Sono convinta ogni giorno di più che lavorare sia meglio che studiare. E visto che ho studiato per 21 anni, adesso dovrò solo aspettare altri 21 anni per dirvi se effettivamente è da preferirsi il lavoro allo ogni modo....
.....questa domenica ho chiesto al mio Mister di portarmi in giro a fare delle foto, e mi ha portato lungo il Brenta, e non eravamo soli...c'era anche una piccola quadrupede!!!!
 ..... e abbiamo trovato le  more!!!