May 28, 2012

I really love reading

At the moment I'm reading a wonderful book, this one:
.... and I'm loving it!!!
 That's why, I'm going to go to bed and read it!!!

May 27, 2012

Fields of gold

  •  running
  •  photos
  •  spent time with my family
  •  ate too much!!!

May 24, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, hot weather knocked at our door ....

.... so I put on my sneackers, and I open the season of running!!!!!

When I finished my first run of this season I felt better.
I like having a job, but if you work your free time is very very little.... I just have to get used of this!!!

ps: yes, this photo is horrible
pps: I promise I'll put better photos
ppps: while I'm writing a terrible storm is coming. This is what we call sense of timing.

May 21, 2012


This afternoon I start working!!!! And I'm happy and a little bit frightened, but I think it's normal....
Yesterday was a strange day, after the earthquake everyone was strange, so I made a walk and then I spent the day with my family.
And I made some photos....

... and now, let me introduce you, MY NEW SHOES!!!!!!
 Yes!!!!! At the end I bought them!!!
I think they are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, summer, you must arrive!!!!

May 20, 2012

4:04 am

4:04 am : I had been waked up by an earthquake. It's not a good way to start a day. We don't have damage to property, very very luckly.
This morning I saw on the floor of my bedroom a little toy that was on my wardrobe.
No good.
Anyway, I hope everything is over. And I hope I can sleep tonight.

May 17, 2012

Gardaland (+ shoes!!!!)

My boyfriend's dream is going to Gardaland (an amusement Park).
He asked me to go to Gardaland since we met...... and today will be "the day"!!!
I don't like too much roller coaster, and all that kind of amusement ride.....but....... I must go!!!!!

By the way......yesterday I entered in Zara Shop...I need an advice from you..........I felt in love with this:
I cannot put other images because the site of Zara says me "Error 500", but, I think I'm in love with them.....I need your advice......
If you were me, would you buy them? 
(I even put them on with jeans, and they are fantastic!!!!!!)

May 16, 2012

Copenhagen, part 2

That's the second and last part of the photos that we made in Copenhagen!!!
.... such a wonderful time!!!!

May 15, 2012

I really love (May 2012)

Last night I saw "Julie and Julia" (I felt asleep before the movie ended but I REALLY REALLY like it!!!!) I have to watch the end, but it gave me motivation for my blog!!!
I like keeping a sort of diary here in the web, so I will go on!!!!
Some good things are happening in my life (not necessary in this order):
1) the job I've found
2) another probably job ( when I will be sure of it, I will tell you!! )
3) another wedding!!!! ( so 3 weddings for the summer!!!! )
4) thinking about the wedding in Paris! : )
5) having no studies!!!!!!
6) my growing plants ( salad, basil, tomatoes, yes tomatoes!!!!! )
7) I can put on my wedges!!!!! ( I LOVE THEM!!! )
8) I start to cook again!
9) More time to spend with my boyfriend!!!
10) some little freckles on my nose, because I'm soaking up the sun!!!!
Made by my boyfriend in Copenhagen

May 14, 2012

Copenhagen, part 1

So, we are come back home!!!!!!
I really really love Copenhagen!!!!I just have to say that my boyfriend and I would go living there if the weather would be more rained a lot, it was very cold (for Danish people was almost hot....) ......anyway we had a great time and I suggest you to visit it!!!!! (better if in summer!!!)

...... see you tomorrow for the other days!!!!!
Have a nice week!!!

May 7, 2012

We're leaving!

 Yes!!!!! we are leaving!!!!!!! I took a lot of sweaters, my down jacket .... because we are going to......
 ..... Copenhagen!!!!!!!!!
So, see you next week!!!!
Have a wonderful week!!!!

May 6, 2012

New things to do

Yesterday evening I put on my heels and my suit jacket and with my boyfriend we went to the theater. 
We went there with my sister and her husband and with my mommy. My neighbour-brother was playing.
We really had a nice evening, and we decided we have to go to see other plays!!!
I love finding new things to do, even if I'm a very person of habit.....

May 5, 2012

Good news

Yesterday I discovered another aspect of my boyfriend: he is a very very good homeloving boy, and it's so funny cleaning the house with him!!!!
I'm counting down the days until we're going to live together!!! ; ) ( I think that I have to count a lot....), anyway....
Do you remember?
  • Graduation? Yes (for both!!!)
  • Work? (Yes for me)
and this is a very big news!!!!!!!!! On May 21th I'm going to start working!!!!!!! It's just a "stage", but it doesn't matter because, I'm going to work!!!!

May 4, 2012

In these days....

It's a little bit strange having nothing to do. I can do all I want. And it's good, really really good.
  • So as usually, I go walking in my park, and I took some photos:

  • then, thanks to this girl I read in three days this book (and I totally love it!!!!!!!!!!):
  • then, I'm soaking up the sun, I'm reading, sleeping, shopping (ok, you can hate me!!! but I think I deserve this!)
And today I'm making some spring cleaning, I'm going to look which dresses I have to keep and the ones I can throw away.

P.S. As you can see, I made some little changes on my blog, and they aren't finish! : )

May 3, 2012


Ok, I have to write down something about my discussion and my graduation. You listened to me so much, and you encourage me soo much, that I have to tell you everything!!!!
So here's some photos!!!
the maximum mark I could take for my dissertation was 5, and I took 5!!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy!!!!
Here in Italy, especially in the University of Padua, we used to write a "papirus". The friends of the one who graduate, write down all the stupid and silly things that the graduated did during his life, they make some jokes and costumes. They dress me as a swimmer, because I can't swim....
then we went to eat something!!!!
......that's all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 1, 2012

New month

I really like changing the calendar page.
So welcome May!!!
p.s. I'm going to write soon about my graduation!!!! (and about my boyfriend's one!!!)