November 30, 2011


Yesterday was a very very bad day.
I started my day doing exercises for the examination. What a horrible idea!!!!
Every exercise i did was wrong.
Then I went to talk with my teacher, and ... the AMAZING thing is that I KNOW THE THEORY!!!!!
In the afternoon I continued to do exercises, but nothing.
I WAS a little bit nervous, angry ....
.... and before coming home, I had the unfortunate idea of going to my doctor ... i was there for 35 minutes, and I have done nothing, because what I was waiting for was not yet ready.
When I came back home, I thanked the Lord that this day was almost finished.

PS: I put on this (noy of this brand, of course)
... because it reflects the day!

November 29, 2011

It all depends on the examination!!!

Maybe I'm giving too much importance to this exam .
But ...... if I am promoted, i will put this around my neck ...
.... and this means that I'll be graduated!!!

Then, after having found a job.... boyfriend and I will be able to look for this....
....I can not wait to wake up every day next to him!!!!

Of course, in our home there will be room for...


it all depends on the examination!!!

November 28, 2011

Dex and Em

Yesterday i finished reading the book, "One day"
I cried so so so so much..... it's really wonderful!!!!I really recommend it to all!!
I have to thank my boyfriend because he comforted me.... the fact is this.... when i read a book, i ALWAYS identify with the in this book i was Emma, and my boyfriend was Dexter........i say nothing more....if you have already read the book, you understand why I cried so much...

.... now i'm ready to go to the cinema to see the movie!!!!!!

November 27, 2011


Oh my God!!!!
I'm discovering so many wonderful blogs!!!!
There are so many people very very good at!!!
I'm not so good with camera, but i'm trying!
Yesterday a made walk, because the sun was shining and i wanted to breath good air!

after this walk i studied. My examination is on 12th of December. I'm afraid but i think this might be the right time!
(Finger crossed!)
Have a nice Sunday!

November 26, 2011

Benvenuti nella mia cucina

So yesterday evening I did't take photos.... but here's one of me and all my cousins (here we were taken a photo for making a gift to our grandma)

So, yesterday we had a great time!!! We ate a lot and we talked about everything!
[The one you see dressed in orange, wasn't with us because she's in Paris until 22th of December!]

For the evening I cooked some vegetables (peppers, and eggplants) and a pie (wasn't excellent :( ), and for me and my boyfriend i've cooked a fantastic cake!!!! (it is almost over....good sign!)

It's made with ricotta cheese and chocolate.... I love it!!!
I've found a lot of good recipe from this book:

it's full of good tips!!!
Have a nice Saturday!

November 25, 2011

"Cactus Santa Claus"

This morning I went to the supermarket to shop the vegetables, and other things because tonight i have a dinner, and i have to cook for it!!!
Everything started this spring, when we decided to make a dinner in the NEW house of one of my cousins.
It has been a so wonderful night!
So we decided to do this about every month!
I'll tell you about the dinner, tomorrow!

Now I want to show you this wonderful "Cactus Santa Claus" that I've bought at the super!

Have a nice day!!!

November 24, 2011

Let's stay shape!

Ok, it's very cold here.
I told you i was going to run, but .... I'm afraid of getting sick!!!
So....i think i'm not going to run for this winter....
But I even told you I love cycling.......
...... SO.......
Last year I bought an exercise bike, because i was working and everyday I got home very late, but I needed to do some 'motion i discovered the EXERCISE BIKE!!! and it's FANTASTIC!!!!!
You can read, you can talk, you can watch tv, you can do everything you want... and you're biking!!So you stay on shape!!!!

That's the one I bought last year (it's a very very very basic model):

So the program to stay fit this winter, provides:

1) Taking my bike to go studying in my University (I love cycling, it's not a great effort)
2) Making half an hour, three-quarters of an hour of exercise bike, two or three times a week!!!
3) ....of course, walking!!!!!

That's my bike!

And that's my lovely bicycle bell (it's a gift i've received from my friend 4 Christmas ago!!!)
How wonderful it is?

Let's stay shape!!!!

November 23, 2011

A call can change a day!

Yesterday one of my friend call me! It was an unexpected call, and it was sooo beautiful!
We talk a lot about us, and about our lives!!!
I love so much these little things! I came back home feeling good, and happy!

Yesterday evening I watched the Tv program "Project Runway".... I think it's a very creative program and it's full of ideas!!
i don'y know which season are transmitting, but i have to watch the last episode which sees the challenge between Emilio Sosa, Mila Hermanovski, and Seth Aaron.
I like watching this tv program on my sofa while i'm doing cross stitch jobs!!!! I know it's sounds old, but i like it!!!It's very relaxing!!!
In these days i'm gonna show you some of my works!!!

So now i go!!!!
Have a nice Wednesday!!!!

November 22, 2011

So 90's

So, sometimes i'm a bit nostalgic.....
When this summer my boyfriend and i went to holidays , i brought some cd to hear during the trip....and at a some point, Spice Girls were singing in our car!!!!!
For our weekend out of town i forgot to bring with me the same cd, but Spice Girls came to my mind the same.....
I was very young when they started to be famous, and they are still famous even if in different ways!!!!

Look how they were!!!

.... and how they are!!!!

I prefer her, and how she is become...

....she is with the same boyfriend since she was 23, and they have two babies!!!!
And she seems so friendly and happy!!!
Sorry for this blast from the past and gossip! See you tomorrow!!!

November 21, 2011

San Marino

This weekend my boyfriend and I went out of town!
This was a gift i made to my boyfriend a lot of time ago!
We decided to visit San Marino a beautiful and small small small country in Italy, it's very small but beautiful!

That's some photo of San Marino!

.... and we went to see the sea!!!

.... and now we have no more excuses!!!WE MUST STUDY FOR THE EXAM!!!!!

November 19, 2011

Weekend out of town

Today we are leaving (we go to visit San Marino!)!!!!! Just for the weekend!!
So see you Monday!!
Have a nice weekend!

November 18, 2011

I love

I wake up early in the morning because i'm not able to sleep too much... (bad thing, especially for my boyfriend...) ... so i started thinking all the things that makes me happy....

1) I love the time i spend with my boyfriend
2) I love having a hot hot shower
3) I love gardening, it's amazing to see how a plant can grow
4) I love cooking, and experimenting with new recipes
5) I love reading
6) I love walking on dry leaves and hear the noise they make
7) I love looking at old photos of old holidays
8) I love cycling
9) I love Christmas time
10) I love all the nature, sea, mountains and sunny days!!!!

.... and what do you love?

November 17, 2011


I love having breakfast!!!!
every morning i start my day with a very rich breakfast!!! (alternating two types of breakfast ;))

So one day i eat this:

i eat two rusks with marmalade
and i drink a cup of milk and coffee in which i dip two cookies:

And the other day i eat this:
cereal with milk and coffee!in this wonderful cup!

...and i look at tv....i know there is economic crisis, and a lot of horrible things in the world but i want to start my day in a posite way...
.... so i look at cartoons....
in this period every morning i see this:

and every breakfast is a moment of peace and joy in my day!

November 16, 2011

Yesterday evening i saw an Italian movie, "Ex".
It talked about the importance of our relationships. When you have it, it's easier to see negatives, but when it ends you realize that is probably the best thing that ever happened to you.
And i thought that i'm sooooooo lucky!!!
I've found a boy that makes me happy everyday!!!

.... I love the way we are!!!He is probably the best gift i have ever received!!!

And Christmas is coming!!! there are only 39 days to Christmas!!!!
i can't wait!!!!!!

November 15, 2011

I really love reading....

So, today i want to share with you a wonderful, and spectacular book (i'm sorry, it's not just one, they are 3....)
Last year my sister suggested i read this book written by Paullina Simmons:

this book has captured me!!!!!!!it's wonderful, it describes a perfect/imperfect love story between Alexander and Tatiana.... when you started to read this book, you MUST read the other two!

(This is the Italian book cover)
(and this is probably the original book cover)

So i started to give this book as a wonderful gift and all my friends love it!!!
When you start to read this cannot stop, and you identified with Tatiana... (so, that's what i did....)

This is a photo of Paullina Simmons, the Writer!!!

So if you don't know have any books to read, go and buy these books!!! and you'll dream....