August 31, 2015

Pack your bags: Isola d'Elba

Gooood morning everybody!
Happy last day of August!
As you probably saw from my instagram page, I was on holiday, in an amazing island of Italy, Elba Island.
I took so many naps, cradled by the waves of the sea, I read a book and a half (The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea), I thought a lot about my life, I did many crosswords, and I swam in wonderful seas.
I really couldn't ask for more from this summer.

After a trip of 3/4 hours (I don't remember), we arrived in Piombino, we took the ferry and we arrived in Elba Island (we took the ticket of the ferry in advance, so we took the ferry almost in time...)

This is what I've learnt: for swimming in a beautiful sea, you have to see in which direction the wind blows.
The first day we went to the beach "La Biodola": the sea was very very good, and we had a very relaxing time...

The second day, because of the wind, we went to the beach called "Sansone", the weather forecast weren't good, but we decided to go to the beach anyway....and we were very very lucky! because we were almost alone in the most beautiful beach of the island....
Mr, my brother-in-law and I swam and arrived to the huge rocks you see in the middle of the photo. The water were fantastic, sea bottom were amazing, we swam through fishes, some of them looked like Nemo!

....this was a very very cool beach!
I left my heart here!


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful there!! The beach, that water.... Stunning!!

  2. Such a beautiful place! I am sure you had a wonderful time.Too bad you have to work again now :(
    Berlin is very close to Leipzig but we are travelling on September 29 and we have a visitor from Pakistan until Septemter 27 so I will not be able to come to Berlin to meet you :( :( :( can you not change the dates :)???

    Thanks a lot for your last visit on my blog! It always means a lot to me : )