October 4, 2015

Have a great week!

Photo taken in our holiday in Amsterdam
I was writing a post about our holidays, but I found some happy things that I wanna share with you:

- This made me think a lot: nature is a theme I've always loved, I think I don't do enough for it. I would love to live my life and start living more connected to Nature, like living in the mountains, next to Nature, Mother Nature
- I love artists: I love people who creates. For a little time I came back to my childhood, looking at Elisa Ferro's creations
- This week we're probably gonna to the cinema to watch this
- I have a pumpkin in my house...I have to try something like these
- It's time to plant these!!

Have a very very nice week my friends!!


  1. Ah such a lovely list. I really want to try some pumpkin recipes out as I have never been too sure what to do with them! xx

  2. Have a great week too dear!
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    Thank you soooo much : )

  3. Hey, thanks for your comment! I am not sure if you can vote several times - maybe if you vote from different devices ;) Thank you sooo much for your support!
    Have a great day!

  4. Hi, I just came across your blog - lovely photos - I will be following along :)
    I also added you on Flickr!