March 13, 2016

Just a little update

Hello my dear friends!
days are flying so so so so fast!
 Here's some important things...

***On Friday, one of my cousins had a baby boy, named Gabriele!!! I cannot wait to see and hug and kiss him!!!

***In these days, some happy things happened thanks to the photos I post on my Instagram account...
- @igerssiena repost one of my photos
- @mattinopadova (a local newspaper) repost one of my photos
- @Hotel Athena Siena (on twitter) repost one of my photos
ok, just 3 repost...but they mean sooooooooo much to me!!!
I usually update a photo on Instagram before going to work, I just have 10 minutes, and my smartphone always sometimes has some that reposts, are miracles to me!!!

***I have a lot of white/grey hair....I think it's time for some dye....

***March 8th here in Padua was a very dark and grey day: it rained a loooot and the wind blow. While I was driving to my mum's home for lunch, I passed in front of a school.
There were a boy, under an umbrella, that was holding an orchid and some branch of mimosa.
Well, he was waiting for his girl.
This situation made me smile.

***netflix arrived in this house. OH MY GOD, I think i could stay at home from work for some months....Now we're watching the ninth season of  "How I met your mother"..... :)

***Today the sun is shining, so I'm gonna clean out the house, and enjoy a stroll!

I wish you a very very happy weekend!!

This my anniversary gift! an amarillis :)

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