June 4, 2012

Bachelorette party

As you know, the last weekend of June, I will be in PARIS, for the WEDDING of one of MY BEST FRIENDS!!!
 But, before the wedding, as you know, there is the bachelorette party!!!!
Options for the party:
A) Massage (wow)
B) Horseback ride (wow)
C) SPA (wow)
D) RAFTING (?????????????????)
...... and now, guess which option has been chosen........

And.........yes, of course RAFTING!!!!!!!!!!
So I elected myself the photographer of the day, and I didn't do it!!!
But the future bride was SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPY!!!!!And everything went in the right way!!!
 Then I couldn't follow them, so I spent some time phoning with my boyfriend, and making other photos....
Such a good time with such good girls!!!
I'm waiting June 29th!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ahh!! How fun!! That's so funny that you refused to go in the raft. It looks pretty crazy though! I only went rafting once, and a few shoes were lost. Glad that raft didn't tip over!