June 1, 2012

This week....

Sorry, really sorry, but this week has been very busy!!!!!!
So I started working, and my thesis's Professor gave me another job (it's about my thesis! So, I'm going to work even in the evening, but I think this is a good thing! ;) )
This week the earth trembled again. For three times just in a day. Luckly the epicenter of the earthquake isn't where I live, but it has been so strong that we heard it very very well. I can't imagine how the people who lives in the epicenter are feeling . Because it's horrible. And the same night I couldn't sleep. And I have been tired for the whole week.
Then, someone came to say "hello!" to me...
and he came with this.....
..... so the week took another aspect.... thinking about our future is so woderful!!!
....now, I go to read my book, so.... have a wonderful night!!!
Sweet dreams!!!

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