July 19, 2012


.....I turned 27.
I love my birthday, but I don't like to make a  party for it. So just my family and a small dinner. And a cake (not the one above ; )).
When I was young, I thought that a girl who was 27 was a woman, and I thought that just because you were 27, you were cool.
Today I don't feel so cool.
But I feel fine.
The path I have taken is fit for me.
I have a boyfriend that I love with all my heart, that is always by my side.
My sister and my mother are my family. And I love them.
I have so many friends that show me their love, and that want me in their lives.
I have a job that I like.
I have a blog, and I have met so many fantastic girls!!!
And I have so many plans for the future.
So, I think this is a HAPPY birthday!!!

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!! Hope you had a fabulous day! xo