July 17, 2013

It's tomorrow

Our lesson doesn't start (I don't know why) so I think I can write down a post!
Tomorrow I'll be 28. YES. 28.
I'm growing up and I think it's time for making a lot of things: it's time for changes, it's time for travelling, it's time for doing interesting things...
I'm thankful for all the wonderful, awesome, fantstic people and things that I have in my life, and I couldn't deserve more.
But, come on 28, I know the best is yet to come.



  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow :)
    I am 25 and just this morning I said to my fiance- sometime I feel like that life is getting serious now, as I am getting old ;)
    I think its good that you are still full of love for adventures and travelling! For me its the same, but then I am also going to get married and I want to get children in the next few years :)
    Happy to hear that you also love lentils! I will try to find garbanzo beans... I just don't know where to find them.


    1. I want to get married and started my "adventure's life" with my boyfriend!!It will be fantastic!!!
      Try garbanzo beans!you will love them!!!
      Happy Friday!

  2. Happy early birthday!!! 28 was a great year for me! Yep I'm old, I'm now 30. argh!

    Live it up girl!!!

    1. Thank you Amanda!!!!!
      Have a nice Friday!

  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope you are having an awesome day ♥

    1. Thank you Irela!!!!
      And thank you for stopping by ad leaving a comment!!!