August 19, 2013

A loooong weekend lived with Mr

Happy Monday to you!!!
This long weekend (from August 15th til August 18th), Mr and I lived together, we took a proof....and...the result is that we were so fine together, that we look forward the day we could really live together, every day and every night....
By the way...these days had been full of things: we met people, watched our favourite tv series, went to swimming pool (yes, other 40 laps, ;) ), cleaned the house, did the shopping, rode the bike, and we visited  the walls of Cittadella!
Here's the first part of the photos that I took during our loong weekend!

We rode the bikes and discovered a new park!

A part of this park, belonged to children... :)
See you tomorrow for the photos of the walk on the walls of Cittadella!!
Have a nice week!!


  1. The last one is my fave! Sounds like a splendid weekend!

  2. Hello!
    how exciting that you can live together with your love, congratulations!
    I loved everything to your weekend, the photographs are beautiful as always, and I'm glad you enjoyed it as much.

    many kisses and hugs

    1. Danny!!
      My God! You're always sooo sweet!!!
      Thank you, thank you very much!!!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend :) I just moved in with J. and its soooooo good :) so you can look forward to it haha :)

    Have a good day! Can't wait for the pictures :)


    1. Exactly Larissa!!
      We had a preview!! hahahaha!!!
      I know is good living together!!