August 2, 2013

Happy little things!

It's better focus on little happy things!
And that's what I'm going to do in this hot August!
Thank you, so so much to Amanda from Eloquent English and to Larissa from Ce n'est que de la chance and to my friends (who don't write on my blog but read it!), for your supportive words in the last post!
With your help everything is much more tolerable!
Have a nice Friday!


  1. Keep up the positive attitude! It can make any day go so much better!!!!!! (:

    1. It's so true!
      Thank you for your support!!!

  2. You are sooo welcome pretty lady! I think we all know this feeling of being lost and not really knowing where to go and what will happen. But we should always keep in mind that in the end everything will be good :)
    Those pictures are really pretty and I think its always the best to focus on all the small beautiful things in life. Did you read where the name of my blog comes from? Its french for "its all just luck" because I think EVERYTHING in life is luck. Every little thing you see, the butterfly, the roses, the cold water when you are hot etc. etc. so we should be thankful for all of it :)

    Have a wonderful weeeeekend :)


    1. Larissa, thank you, thank you soooo much!!!
      I agree with you about luck!And I keep my finger crossed, because I really think that everything will be good!!
      THANK YOU!