November 9, 2014

We discover a new city: Bergamo Alta

Sunday. Rain. A sparkling new car. A camera. A girl and her boy. A new city to discover.
Welcome to our Sunday!
Today we visited for the first time Bergamo Alta. Well, I love it. We want to come back, because we left something to see for the next time.
And I could tell you something more about this wonderful place.
It was soooo much time I didn't use my little camera, so today I was taking photos of EVERYTHING.
I was in Heaven. (you probably should feel the same!)


Aren't these windows lovely?


  1. What a great place to take photos! I think I'd love a trip there with my camera - nice photos :)

  2. Those photos are simply beautiful!
    They made me nostalgic for a place I've never even been.


  3. absolutely beautiful! what a gorgeous place to have an adventure!!

  4. This looks like the most cozy, cute and beautiful place ever! I wanna go and visit! So good to know you are back behind your camera :)

  5. Hey! Thank you so much for your last comment! I am off on my honeymoon now... :)
    Have a great weekend!