November 3, 2014

October according to my smartphone

To be honest, nothing really important is happening to me in this period.
I have my internship, I have my boyfriend, and I have a looooot of this that I want to update in my life.
But I'm even happy for all that I have, so I think this is a good balance...

 So, if my smartphone could talk, he would tell you that in October....

 @_@ I cooked..... recipes are coming soon!If you're interested let me know! (on the left something like muffins but with a loooot of chocolate, and on right a savoury pie with vegetables)

@_@    I saw wonderful sunsets....

 @_@ I fell in love with fall....

 @_@  ....sometimes my boyfriend needs a personal shopper (left)  and my friends need to smile (right)!

 ...I really think this October ain't that bad!!!!


  1. I am very curious about that savory pie!!! Send it to me. :)

  2. I love these kind of overviews! And I love that you are yours Mr's personal shopper :D

  3. Yes, the veggie pie looks delicious! I hope you'll post a recipe for that one. :)

    I'm glad all is well. Not having major changes or big happenings doesn't mean life isn't good! :) As you know, my life is all about big changes and being busy right now, so I definitely appreciate all the little things and details when I have the time to enjoy them. :)

    I love the picture of the leaves on the ground!

  4. Thank you for your last comment! Have a wonderful Sunday night and a good start into the new week!