February 19, 2015

"Well, it's like being on holiday"

Well, almost everything is done. Tomorrow after work, I'm going to pack the most part of my things, my dresses, my shoes, my books, and my plants.
And then I'm going to start a new chapter of my life.
A lot of people told me that I'm going to argue with my Mr, because life together isn't easy.
Well, to be honest I argue with my mom, and with my sister, because life together wasn't easy.
And I love them.
Why shouldn't I argue with Mr? I love him...
Other people told me that living together is great. You have to start your life together, and this isn't the most easy thing to do, but....what about all the other things?
Waking up together
Cooking for him
Cleaning up the house with him
Making plans with him
Being a little family

A friend of mine, when my mom asked him about living together he said: "Well, it's like being on holiday".
And I always thought it's a great way for thinking about a life together.

Last Saturday, when Mr and I were cleaning "our" house, we told each other that it was like being on holiday.
For now, this is what we think...

......if you have some advice for a good and loooong life together.....well, you're welcome!!!


  1. Living together is the greatest thing! My husband and I never argue, we LOVE living together and it works out really fine :)
    Hey, I have a really nice giveaway on my blog right now, with organic cosmetics - I think you should participate :)
    Happy weekend and happy moving day!!!

  2. Hope you are having wonderful travels! :)

  3. The best advice we were given when we got married was to eat breakfast together each day...we're not very good at it a lot of the time, but it starts the day much better when we do :)