March 8, 2015

Two weeks

And so, here I am.
I'm writing from my kitchen.
It's weird, let me tell you.
I told you I cried a river the Saturday we moved in, because I left my old life. Nobody told me that part of moving in, but I discovered that everyone passed through it.
Packing your old life (almost 30 years), well it's not easy.
But then Sunday came, and I woke up in our house.
And suddenly a week has passed by.
We celebrated our 7th anniversary with a travel in Bruges and Bruxelles.
Internet came into our house.
The first cake has been baked.
The first movie has been seen (Shrek 3rd).
The first sun dried our clothing.
We went to our first grocery shopping.
The first flower has bloomed.
And this house is turning into a home.


  1. Oh I am sorry to read that you had to cry! I moved out from my parents house when I was 16 so I was in a totally different situation when I moved in with my Mr.
    Good to read that you begin to enjoy your new life now! Is it not great to wake up next to your Mr every morning :)??? I think there is nothing better than that!
    Sending you much love!

  2. A good opportunity to make some fantastic new memories I think :)