March 15, 2015

Update from our new house

And is Sunday again!
Our house is starting to look more like a home. During the week, when I came home from office, I turned into a desperate housewife. But, FOR NOW, I really like this.
I like doing the laundry, I like thinking about dinner and lunch.
I just have no more me-time. I hope this is something that is going to change, I have to get used of my new life, and then I'm going to run again, to take more photos, update my blog again....
What I really like more of my new life is that I always have a good morning kiss, a goodnight kiss, a "have a good day" kiss, a "have a good lunch kiss"...
We became Ikea's best friends.
I bake cakes.
I eat a lot of vegetables.
Our drying rack is always usually full of clothes.
I try to create a garden in our terrace.
Well, everything is good.
Thank you for your sweet comments!!!

Photo taken in Bruges

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