April 23, 2015

Last day in Crete

And so, here we go with the last post of Crete!!

We had our studio in Plakias, a beautiful apartment in the south of the island.
During the last day in Crete, we took the car, and we drove to Aghia Paulos, but the sea there was rough, so we decided to come back home, and we spent the afternoon in the beach of Plakias.

Agios Paulos
Agios Paulos

As you can see, Mr and I had a great time in Crete!!!
If you go there, put in your bag a pair of sneakers and a hat, and....enjoy!!!

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  1. These pictures are really pretty once again!
    Thank you a lot for your last comment! Here everything is fine, we are back home, enjoying life with the little one and we are sooooo happy :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!