June 18, 2015

30 to 30s

And so, this is how the last month of my twenties starts:
- yesterday evening I cried a looot because I finished reading "The Fault in Our Stars", I don't think I'm going to watch the movie, to be honest (Tonight I'm gonna start reading 20,000 Under the Sea, I'm almost sure I'm not gonna cry with this book....)
- I like the house I'm living, soon we're having a wardrobe! (now we put our clothes on a stand....), what I like most, are the photos and pictures we took from every place we visited, and that are hanged on the wall of our living room! (For some of them I have to find the perfect frame)
- happy and funny faces from my Mr when I wake him up in the morning
- I'm waiting for eating some blackberries from my terrace
- I decided I'm going to iron only what really needs to be ironed (this is a loooong story between me and the iron....)
- I'm happy that I have to wait only for 20 Fridays and then it'll be Christmas!
- I decided I'm going to post a photo everyday for the next 30 days, just for saying "goodbye" to my twenties! (I don't know if I'll post here the photos on on my IG account...)

-....I'll go sleeping, you know, I'm getting old!!!

Venice, probably the best city in the world. I think my first short trip took place in Venice


  1. Oh wow, one month and you will be 30! Thats great! I am looking forward to be 30 :)
    Thank you so much for your comments! Its so nice that you had to think if me when you met this German girl! I wish I will visit Padua some day too :)