June 2, 2015

A ride along river Tergola

Yesterday we celebrated our 100th day in our house.
We bought some flowers, because everything looks better with flowers around.
Life now is really full of everything.
Full of work, full of cooking, of cleaning, of meeting our parents, of taking care of your boyfriend.
Let me tell you, now life is amazing!!!!

Last weekend Mr and I took a ride with our bicycles along the river Tergola, well I was amazed by the sky and even by nature!
It's amazing living in a world like this!


  1. I love bicycle rides and I think its too bad that we can not go on bike rides now that we have the baby (since we do not have a bicycle trailer. I would love to take her to the lake and the nearby woods by bike, but we have to walk or take the bus (which is also okay, but its not the same :))
    I hope you are doing fine! I am sad not to hear from you that regularly any more but I hope you are good :)
    Sending much love!