May 3, 2016

Hump day

Hi my dear friends!!
It's raining cats and dogs, and I'm watching "Letters to Juliet".
I need to visit Verona, as soon as possible! It's such a great city!

By the way, I'm a bit nervous about the wedding: it seems we have so many things to do, and I don't think a month and a half will be enough......

But! Talking about my "moving program", yesterday I walked for 5 km, and tonight I biked for 7,5 km (with my stationary bicycle), I really need to move and to put out my negativity.

Last night I ordered a book about Iceland: the author of this blog, suggests this to me: while she's going to travel in a country, she tries to read something about it. It's a very good idea!!!
So, have a great night, my friends!

Photo taken in Italy before travelling to Copehagen, 4 years ago!

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