May 22, 2016

Random thoughts on a Sunday morning

Good morning my friends!!!
It's a sunny Sunday morning, and I really feel fine! I dream of an afternoon spent soaking up the sun...

**My "staying fit" programm is going on...not every day, but when I have some time, you can find me outside biking or walking :)

**I'm a bit busy with the organisation of our wedding: we have to send the invitation to our friends and families, and doing the last things...

**Friday afternoon I took an afternoon out of work...just 4 hours that I spent riding my bike, and meeting people I really like. And I really thought that we're living in a wonderful world.

**Yesterday I unpacked my summer shoes: I was waiting for you, my dear summer (or spring)!!!!

**Thank you friends and sister, for supporting me in this period of my life.... it's probably the best one, but it's a bit stressful, thank God you're by my side!

**Mr and I are planning our Iceland trip....any advice? :)

1 comment:

  1. Congratulation on your wedding! I found my wedding preps of many years ago very stressful too, but then the day of the wedding was just so worth it!