November 24, 2011

Let's stay shape!

Ok, it's very cold here.
I told you i was going to run, but .... I'm afraid of getting sick!!!
So....i think i'm not going to run for this winter....
But I even told you I love cycling.......
...... SO.......
Last year I bought an exercise bike, because i was working and everyday I got home very late, but I needed to do some 'motion i discovered the EXERCISE BIKE!!! and it's FANTASTIC!!!!!
You can read, you can talk, you can watch tv, you can do everything you want... and you're biking!!So you stay on shape!!!!

That's the one I bought last year (it's a very very very basic model):

So the program to stay fit this winter, provides:

1) Taking my bike to go studying in my University (I love cycling, it's not a great effort)
2) Making half an hour, three-quarters of an hour of exercise bike, two or three times a week!!!
3) ....of course, walking!!!!!

That's my bike!

And that's my lovely bicycle bell (it's a gift i've received from my friend 4 Christmas ago!!!)
How wonderful it is?

Let's stay shape!!!!

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